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Capitol Hill Brief — Bill O’Reilly and a Day without Women

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The so-called “day without women” was a poor representation of what womanhood is all about.  I was glad to be your voice in a variety of national media shows for the past week to express our fundamental disagreement with this form of radical feminism.  Here is a clip from my appearance on Bill O’Reilly on Fox News:

[Audio Clip] Penny Nance: This message is so wrong; it should be the opposite. You don’t make the board room by staying home and pouting. We have told women, “Go to work and kill it today. That is how you become CEO.”

[Audio Clip] Bill O’Reilly: Alright. Are you disenchanted with America, because more women aren’t leading in certain industries?

[Audio Clip] Penny Nance: No. We have more opportunity than anywhere in the world.

[Audio Clip] Bill O’Reilly: Alright, so you’re optimistic.

[Audio Clip] Penny Nance: Very optimistic.

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