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Boy, Oh Boy …

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After years of intense pressure from the Left, the Boy Scouts of America’s National Council finally voted to allow openly homosexual young men in their ranks.  It was a disappointing decision, but not entirely surprising in light of the numerous other groups that have already bowed to the pressure of the homosexual lobby, though often with much less hoopla.

What perhaps makes this instance so searing and conspicuous is the degree to which the Boy Scouts have represented possibly the strongest moral standards of any high-profile American institution over the last century.  Since its founding, it has embodied the broad spectrum of traditional American values, even requiring each and every scout to be “reverent toward God” and “faithful in his religious duties.”  So when the Boy Scouts abandoned their long-standing policy on homosexuality, those of us who support marriage and sexuality as God intended were deeply saddened.

Making this concession is even more tragic, because few observers expect this decision to be the final word on the matter.  Further compromises to the advocates of homosexuality are almost surely on the way.  Indeed, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) released a statement directly on the heels of the Boy Scouts’ vote, stating, “As we celebrate this moment, we know the work isn’t complete. The Boy Scouts of America still discriminates against qualified adults who are denied the opportunity to participate in leadership positions because they are gay.”

Special-interest groups — including the NGLTF and the plethora of others like them — are actively working to transform our values and our culture by working to undermine our society’s historic beliefs on marriage and sexuality.  And clearly, they are not yet done.  They will continue pressing not only the Boy Scouts but also other organizations, companies, and legislatures to “modify” their deeply held views.

Hopefully, this unfortunate series of decisions from the Boy Scouts will serve as a wake-up call for churches, family-oriented groups, and people of faith to renew their efforts in support of Biblically defined marriage and sexuality.  Groups like the Boy Scouts that are under fire (and those who soon will be) need to know what you think about these issues and that you still care.  We ask that you stand by CWA and other like-minded organizations to broadcast loud and clear what you believe, reminding all involved that those who affirm Biblical Truth will not go down without a fight.