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Bill Maher Swipe at Palin Will Hurt Him More Than Her

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Washington, D.C. — Bill Maher, in a rant on Huffington Post, tries to insult as many people as possible by saying, “… [W]hile we were off, Sarah Palin agreed to do commentary at Fox News. Which is actually very similar to her day job — talking to a baby with Down syndrome.”

Penny Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America, responded:

“Bill Maher’s cruel attempt at reviving interest in his career only shows why he is not worth listening to. Did he not learn from David Letterman’s lame crack at Sarah Palin and her children? Their crudeness only proves how these disgusting men view strong women and vulnerable children.

“To say Bill Maher is a self-important troglodyte is an insult to cavemen.”