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Hillary Clinton showed up in Iowa on the 14th and pretended to cook steaks at a fundraiser. Yes, yes. Let that sink in for a moment. According to National Review, they’d been pre-cooked for her. So that nice bit of sleight of hand already sets things up as a circus.

Cue the pipe organ music and guess who pops in? You saw it coming, didn’t you? That’s right! America’s laughable, gaffeable vice president, Joe Biden, is on his way to the Iowa stage! And, what’s more, according to USA Today, he’s going to meet with a group of nuns.

Um … Weird Uncle Joe and the Nuns? Oh, wait! It’s the pro-voter registration nuns, a “group known as ‘Nuns on the Bus.’” And that’s a relief, since some of us were afraid he might be meeting with the Little Sisters of the Poor. In light of the current administration’s wildly hostile attitude toward the Sisters — Headline: Obama Admin Renews Attempt to Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Obey HHS Mandate — that would have been a pretty tense “Meet and Greet.”

Remind us again. Exactly who are the aggressors in this “War on Women”?