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An Astounding Arrogance

By March 15, 2010Blog
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The arrogance of the Obama Administration and Democrat leaders in Congress is astounding.  Despite several polls, including swing districts, showing that Americans don’t want the health care bill that is currently on the table, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs commented over the weekend “Whoever sits here at this time next week, I think will not be talking about health care as a proposal, but as the law of the land.”

What about the will of the American people?  And what will the Obama Administration and Nancy Pelosi have to do in order to get the votes necessary to pass health care since they don’t have them as of yet?  Welcome back, shady bribes and backroom deals!

I predicted last week in an op-ed on that health care won’t pass unless government funding of abortion is taken out.  The Democrat leadership in Congress said at the end of last week that talks have been shut down in the area of abortion funding and that the Stupak Amendment, which extends the Hyde Amendment to the health care legislation, won’t be put into the final bill.  That’s a lot of key Democratic votes that Pelosi is risking over an issue that is bi-partisan and clearly unpopular with Americans, the majority of whom do not want to fund abortions with public money.