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America’s Chief Health Officers Don’t like ObamaCare

By February 26, 2010Blog
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Did you know that American women control 80 percent of the health care decisions made in this country?  Most of us moms routinely are the parent who take our children to the doctor and are often the ones to make decisions for elderly relatives.  This is one of the many reasons women have such an important stake in the outcome of the current national health care debates.

A recent poll by The Washington Times and The Polling Company found that 57 percent of women disagreed that “a federally-run healthcare program is what is best for my family and me.”  That comes as no surprise to us here at Concerned Women for America.  Our members have been speaking out all over the country in opposition to ObamaCare.  We rallied outside Blair House here in D.C. on Thursday to demonstrate during President Obama’s kangaroo summit, and we will continue to the spread the word.

The $1-2 trillion ticket price for the President’s proposal is a bad idea on so many levels.  He thinks the problem is that he didn’t explain it well enough.  His real problem is that the American people can read.

American women have had it.  Our families count on us to be the Chief Health Officer and we must make sure our government represents our interests.  What is being decided directly impacts the health of our family’s future and we are sick of ObamaCare.