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Americans Remember Health Care Betrayal At The Polls

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Washington, D.C. – Representative Bart Stupak and the majority of his collaborators who provided the votes for the pro-abortion health care bill were sent packing as a result of voter outrage culminating in yesterday’s election: Representatives Alan Mollohan, Steve Driehaus, Baron Hill, Chris Carney, Kathy Dahlkemper, Marcy Kaptur, Charlie Wilson, Brad Ellsworth, Jim Oberstar and John Boccieri. Only Representatives Marcy Kaptur, Joe Donnelly and Jerry Costello escaped voters’ wrath.

“Last night’s vote was crystal clear: Americans do not want their money to pay for abortions,” said Concerned Women for America Director of Legislation and Public Policy Shari Rendall.

According to Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance, selling their votes to pass the controversial health care bill most Americans oppose was their ticket home. “Yesterday’s vote showed that Americans realized that President Obama’s executive order was just a sham to ram through this unpopular bill.”