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Add your voice to the Spending Revolt

By September 17, 2010LAC Hot Topics/Alerts
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We are having a great time on the Spending Revolt Bus Tour. Americans, fed up with irresponsible government spending, are turning out to make their voices heard. It is encouraging to see the enthusiasm and the determination of all our friends.

But whether or not you participate in the rallies, you can add your voice to others across the nation. Sign the Spending Revolt pledge.

This pledge states simply:

I believe our current level of government spending is unsustainable, hampers economic growth and job creation. Our elected officials need to change their ways, become responsible and cut spending to 1990’s levels. If they don’t, Americans will face higher taxes, a higher cost of living and a stagnant economy.

I urge our elected officials at all levels of government to act quickly and reduce the level of government spending. It is their job and it is OUR MONEY and our future.

If you agree, please follow this link to the Spending Revolt pledge and add your name today! We must stand united against wasteful and unsustainable government spending. Sign the pledge today, and support real and permanent spending reform in Washington.

P.S. – For our friends in California: We hope to see you at CWA’s rally on Friday in Irvine. Click here for more information.


Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer
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