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Action Needed on Three Bad Abortion Bills!

By March 30, 2023Colorado
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The State Senate committee approved the so-called “Safe Access to Protected Health Care” package of three bad abortion bills increasing protections for and access to “reproductive health” and creating policies to punish “deceptive practices” for alternative pregnancy centers.

The bills are now moving to the House Floor for final comments. You can read about the bills in the text below my signature. 

ACT TODAY! Please email or call your State Representative through our Action Center HERE and urge them to protect life in and out of the womb and vote no on bills SB23-188, SB23-189, and SB23-190.

Pray: Father, we come with humble hearts and awe at how You moved to reverse Roe vs Wade. Now, we come to You and ask that You move in Colorado and expose, confuse, and reverse the culture of death in this State. We ask for revival in our State Capitol, a move of the Holy Spirit to “draw all men, Senators and Representatives, unto You” (John 12:32).   Thank You, Amen.

Thank you!
Karen Pennington
State Director

SB23-188- Protections for Accessing Reproductive Health Care
The bill has First Amendment violations including restrictions against the ability of medical providers to terminate contracts of employees who violate lawful religious believes by either performing “gender affirming care” that incudes transition surgeries, hormone therapy) or “abortion related services.” This bill contains no religious exemption.
SB23-189- Increasing Access to Reproductive Health Care
With the minor’s consent, the bill allows a health-care provider acting to furnish contraceptive procedures, supplies, or information to the minor without notification to or the consent of the minor’s parent or parents, legal guardian, or any other person having custody of or decision-making responsibility for the minor. The bill requires large employer insurance plans, on and after January 1, 2025, to provide coverage for the total cost of abortion.
SB23-190- Deceptive Trade Practice Pregnancy-related Service
Bill disciplines health-care providers that engages in providing, prescribing, administering, or attempting medication reversal for abortion in Colorado. The bill makes it a deceptive practice for a person to advertise abortion, emergency contraceptives, or referrals for abortion when the person knows that the center does not provide those practices.