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Act now to keep children safe online

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Dear Friends,

If you think there is too much pornography now, it will be worse if a new Internet domain dedicated to pornography is created. We have until May 10 to tell ICANN, which controls Internet domains, “Do not create the .XXX domain.”

An .XXX domain would expand not restrict the availability of Internet pornography. Pornographers would not be required to relocate all of their material to one location. Instead, it will be accessible in both the .COM and the .XXX domain, giving children and families greater access to harmful, obscene material.

Any proposal that results in the expansion of pornography will harm women, children, and families. We don’t need to relocate obscene material, we need to prosecute it!

ICANN will be accepting feedback until Monday, May 10. Please contact them and say “NO!” to the .XXX domain.

Pray: 1) That decision makers understand that pornography destroys lives. 2) That obscene material would cease to be available.

Action: Send an e-mail to: . Here is a sample e-mail:

Title: Vote NO to Triple X Domain

To Whom It May Concern:

I support Option #3 of the March 26, 2010, process options submitted by ICANN for public comment. The .XXX sponsor, ICM, never satisfied the sponsorship requirements and criteria for a sponsored Top Level Domain. The ICANN Board denied ICM’s application for the .XXX TLD on the merits in an open and transparent forum. Please oppose ICM’s proposition to establish an .XXX domain.


Wendy Wright
Concerned Women for America