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Above and Beyond the Call of Duty: Linda Thorson

By October 3, 2011North Dakota
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LThorsonPYN.jpgWomen are extraordinary creations who often exceed the parameters of their daily responsibilities. However, Linda Thorson’s willingness to surpass expectations with a servant’s heart is, literally, award-winning. At this year’s Leadership Conference, Concerned Women for America (CWA) presented Linda with the “Above and Beyond the Call of Duty” award for her stellar demonstration of committed servant leadership and readiness to take action.

Linda’s testimony illustrates her bold willingness to go the extra mile – or two, or three – for the glory of God. On her college campus, she came to know the Lord as her Savior and friend. Filled with vigor for her newfound faith, Linda yearned to please God through teaching. So after graduation and a time of fervent prayer, she found herself in a new town teaching liberal arts at the North Dakota School for the Deaf. Linda loved working with children, but teaching just wasn’t enough. She knew God was calling her to spread the Gospel to the little hearts throughout her community.

Without a car, much money or support, evangelizing is seemingly impossible. Not for Linda, however. On weekends, she hopped on a bicycle and carried freshly baked cookies and Scripture to children living on nearby Indian reservations.Taking advantage of every resource, Linda used her creativity to concoct kid-friendly methods to motivate children to participate in her Sunday school program.With boundless perseverance and willingness to obey God’s calling, Linda delivered the Good News to countless little ones and their families.

Naturally, over time Linda grew busy with her marriage, children, career and, to top it all off, a farm. Yet, in the midst of these many responsibilities, she remained a willing vessel for God. By February 2006, Linda found a new purpose when she visited the first CWA of North Dakota Prayer/Action Chapter. Not one to stand on the sidelines, Linda jumped into action by serving as Records Correspondent. With a humble heart, Linda managed inventory, new membership records and all financial matters for her state. By no means did Linda’s service go unnoticed. Janne Myrdal, CWA’s State Director of North Dakota, wrote, “She is our records correspondent and does this with a State Director who is not easy to record anything from. She is my right hand at every turn, sacrificing her time and resources beyond the call of duty to travel and support all that we do in our state. I could not do what I do as State Director without her.”

But Linda’s work for CWA doesn’t stop when her regular tasks are complete. The CWA ladies of North Dakota appreciate Linda, not only as their Records Correspondent, but as a faithful prayer warrior always grounded in God’s Word. Moreover, CWA of North Dakota passionately believes their state will soon become the first abortion-free state in the Union. And with the sanctity of life issue and other policy agendas facing their state legislature, these North Dakota leaders admit it is easy to become “politically focused and frustrated.” But they are always comforted by Linda’s efforts to apply relevant Scripture verses to refresh her follow-laborers and reinforce their commitment.

Though most would describe Linda’s testimony as extraordinary, she calls it simple. “God has given me a simple life in which I want to help others experience His great love and plan of salvation.” What is most important to Linda is spreading the message of Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, mission fields and government. She holds that the battle between secular and Christian worldviews is God’s, but the duty to pray and act on behalf of those lost to the lies of this world is ours.

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