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Abortions in military installations in the United States and abroad

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Concerned Women for America

Talking Points

Abortions in military installations in the United States and abroad

The majority of Americans, including so-called pro-choice Americans, do not want the Federal government to subsidize abortions.

The purpose of Department of Defense medical facilities is to provide the best possible medical care to men and women in uniform and to their families.

Since 1996, neither Department of Defense facilities nor funds could be used to perform abortions except in cases of life of the mother, rape or incest.

In 1993, President Bill Clinton lifted the abortion ban and allowed abortions to be performed at military installations.However, all military physicians, as well as many of the nurses and supporting personnel, refused perform or assist in elective abortions.The military had to hire civilians to do these abortions.

Congress has avoided numerous attempts to require abortions in overseas military facilities. The most recent attempt in the House in 2006failed 191-237.

The current amendment to allow taxpayer monies to be used for abortion is more expansive than previous ones Congress considered.It will subsidize abortions at military installations in the United States and overseas.

If Congress lifts the ban, our military medical facilities will be turned into abortion clinics and Americans will be forced to fund abortion-on-demand at our military installations.

Act on the Facts:

Urge your Representative and Senators to oppose the repeal of the 1996 statute (Section 1093, Title 10)and not to allow Congress to subsidize abortions on medical facilities in the United States and overseas.