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A Society of Couch Potatoes …

By January 2, 2013Blog, Defense of Family
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Warning: This blog may cause severe self-examination.

Congress hasn’t set the best example for a fresh start to the New Year. Our leaders are stuck on the sidelines in Washington. Instead of setting a precedent that profits our country, they have kicked the can of responsibility down the road and set a precedent of unheard of procrastination. As Winston Churchill once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility.” This mindset of putting things off and being blatantly lazy until the eleventh hour to address major issues is unacceptable, and it doesn’t only take place in Washington.

As a young woman, I’ve seen it when dealing with the opposite sex. Can I get a witness to how infuriating it is for a single woman to hear from young men that “I’m intimidating?” I mean come on; I’m five-four and greet people with a smile – how is that intimidating? Wait for it; here’s the punch line; the intimidation comes from … my ambition! Well shucks, gentleman, let me put down my smartphone and give you some insight … put down the video game controller and start getting involved in your life.

Now don’t think I’m just bashing men here; they just happen to be the ones used in my example but the lack of assertion does not stop at them. I doubt anyone likes to be left on the sidelines, but each person’s motivation to get off the bench and into the game is in their own hands.

The simple and common answer to questions posed to today’s generation is, “I don’t know.” “I don’t know what I want to do with my life,” “I don’t know what interests me.” Well, that’s not going to cut it, and I’m sick of hearing it. It’s frustrating to be passionate in a society of unmotivated couch potatoes. You’ve heard me right; stop being lazy and start finding, and most importantly doing, what stimulates you.

Without a passion, day-to-day life would be untoward and meaningless. How can one value themselves and those around them if the essence that ignites a person’s very existence is left unlit?

The answer is simple, as Christians we cannot expect society to live by Biblical principles if we are not showing a passionate example in our day-to-day lives. Fellow believers, heed the call. Get off the bench and get into the game, because the erosion of Christ-centered principles is happening and our passion for God and His purpose for our lives is the only thing that will revive our society.  Whatever your game/field looks like … school, work, church, volunteering … put your heart into it.

Your community needs you, so step up to the plate. Pray for a courageous passion, one that will stir you to self-worth. You may not know it right now, but it’s already inside of you. So, what’s it going to take for you to engage in the life you are called to live?