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A 20-Something’s Experience at the Historic Pro-Life Rally at Texas Capitol

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Over 5,000 people gathered on the South Steps of the Texas State Capitol Monday night for a pro-life rally in support of HB 2 and SB 1, the state’s pro-life bills that would protect babies in utero from abortion after 20 weeks and protect women by placing reasonable regulations on Texas abortion clinics. Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) joined Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Texas State Director Ann Hettinger introducing some amazing speakers and sharing the compassionate pro-life message.

“Pro-life is pro-woman,” Nance said to a cheering crowd. Many in attendance held signs reading “Every life matters” and “I stand for life because” with a variety of reason. Some said their faith, others science, but all were united in their recognition of the need for common sense regulations to protect the unborn and their mothers.

Everyone who came in support of the bills wore blue and kept energy high throughout the event.

Missy Martinez, the National High School Programs Coordinator for Students for Life of America pointed out the multi-generational span in the audience and said: “The young people are here to say, never again. Never again to another Kermit Gosnell!”

Jeanne Monahan, President of the March for Life emphasized how Texas women have spoken up in support of life and how it’s encouraging all American women who are in support of ending late term abortion to actually be heard on the issue. “Abortion is the most profoundly anti-woman thing someone could do. All of the mothers and half of the babies are women, and all of them are negatively affected.”

As the sun set over the Capitol, the sea of blue swayed with signs and cheers commanded attention from the multiple media outlets stationed on the stairs. It was an incredible scene.  The people chanted “Pass the Bill” between speakers, always followed by applause. The energy was high as the Austin Police Department (APD) lined the speaker area and abortion supporters in orange lingered around the crowd. Many of the speakers reiterated their love for those who disagreed with them and sought to find common ground. The Honorable Marilyn Musgrave of Susan B. Anthony List said, “Who can deny this is a baby?  We are making history today!”

The keynote speaker, former Gov. Mike Huckabee, drew the crowd to its feet by putting the issue in a human rights perspective, echoing the Founder’s vision of a people endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He said, “No life is insignificant. This rally tonight is not about whether we are for or against abortion but rather about whether we believe in the value of every life.”

Other speakers continued to sound the call for this bill to pass and for bringing the fight from Texas to the national level. Others compared Nazi Germany’s killing of 6 million Jews to the current “Holocaust” in our nation that has killed over 55 million unborn babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973.

As the night wound down, speakers remained to take pictures and a band played Christian worship music. As the crowd headed to their cars, pro-abortion advocates moved in with orange shirts and signs. Their chant of “My Choice” was met with songs with lyrics like “Our God is an Awesome God” and everyone remained civil as the APD, who lined the stage, calmly helped the situation.

The fight for life continues at the Texas Capitol and the nation, but this day will be remembered on the history books as an important day in the biggest human rights battle of our time.