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Protect Our Constitution – Your Action Needed

By February 5, 2020South Dakota
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“Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the first Convention … I should tremble for the result of a second.” “the most violent partisans,” and “individuals of insidious views” would strive to be delegates and would have “a dangerous opportunity of sapping the very foundations of the fabric” of our Country.  James Madison’s letter to G.L. Turberville, 1788

House Joint Resolution 5001 (HJR) is a bad resolution that would put our U.S. Constitution in jeopardy by opening it up for amendments (changes) such as repeal of the Second Amendment or abolishing the Electoral College. It could even re-energize the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) of the 1970s that would solidify tax-payer funded abortion in the Constitution. These ideas are currently being discussed as in the state of Virginia where the ERA has passed.  Now Virginia lawmakers are working to gut the Second Amendment.

HJR5001will be heard in the House State Affairs committee the morning of Friday, February 7.  Click here to view the members of that committee.  If one of your state representatives is a member of that committee, we are targeting them to oppose HJR5001.

Please read our brochure “The U.S. Constitution is Not the Problem!” to understand this topic.

We must defeat HJR5001.  Your e-mail to your two representatives is very important.  Please e-mail them and ask others to do as well.

View contact information below.

Talking points:
  • It is too risky to open our Constitution. There is too much political division, radical special interest groups.
  • “Limit power of the Federal Government, Fiscal restraint” — All the goals the Constitutional Convention is trying to achieve are already listed in our Constitution.  It just needs to be obeyed.
  • Too much uncertainty as to how a Constitutional Convention would be conducted.
  • The Declaration of Independence gives the People the right to “alter or abolish” our form of government.  Delegates to a Constitutional Convention could set their own rules with a new ratification mode.
  • Who selects the delegates?  Would California get more than South Dakota?  Unknown.
  • Ideas already suggested for Constitutional Convention consideration: abolish Electoral College, Repeal of Second Amendment, weakening of First Amendment, Equal Rights Amendment, a new constitution.
Action Needed Today!
  1. Contact your two state representatives and urge them to oppose HJR5001, the Convention of States Resolution. Click here to view the list of state representatives, and then click on their e-mail addresses. Click here if you do not know who your state representatives are; or you can call your county auditor to obtain their names.
  2. In addition to e-mailing, phone the House lobby at (605) 773-3851 and leave a message for your two state representatives.  Be sure to provide your address so they know you are from their district.
  3. Share this information with other concerned friends and family members.

Your e-mails and phone calls are very important.

Father, we thank you for our country and the amazing founding document you directed brilliant men to create. We ask Your protection of our U.S. Constitution from those who wish to do mischief with it.  We ask that American citizens would be knowledgeable about our government and that lawmakers would obey the Constitution.  Bless our nation with righteousness and revival. May we be a nation that blesses and honors You.

God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer and action.

Linda Schauer
State Director