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Walmart’s Woke Abortion Policy

Below is a message we received regarding Walmart’s new plan to expand abortion coverage for employees.

This new expansion of abortion coverage is a slap in the face to millions of Americans who oppose abortion and who have looked to Walmart as a family-friendly alternative to other big-name brands like Target that have been on the wrong side of family issues for years.


Walmart has turned its back on its constituents and has chosen to feed the dangerous lie that the value of life is dependent on circumstance. We believe in protecting the life and health of the mother; however, the intentional and direct termination of a baby via an abortion procedure is never required to do so.


Please join us in contacting Walmart to share your disappointment with their new policy and urge them to stop buying into lies in order to appease the woke mob.



Copy/paste the text from our sample comment sharing your disappointment with Walmart’s new policy.


To submit your comment to Walmart Corporate, click here, select company feedback and questions, and paste our template text or your own comment into the text box.