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For the past several years, Target has taken a strong stance on several issues that go against the values of Concerned Women for America (CWA). Now, with the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, Target’s corporate leaders announced that they will cover their employees’ travel if they live in a state where abortion has become illegal.


We at CWA are fed up with spending our hard-earned money on corporations that would rather encourage women to terminate the lives of their unborn children than supply them with the necessary maternity leave and childcare they need.


With that, it is time to “Toss Target.” To stop shopping at Target and look for alternatives to their products.


But Target needs to also hear from us, to know that their decisions have consequences to their bottom line. Here are some ways to let Target know you do not support their pro-abortion policies.


Email and Tweet

Copy/paste the text from our sample e-mail explaining why you will be taking your business elsewhere. Send your e-mail to Brian Cornell, Board Chair and CEO. If your time allows, also send the email to other Target executives listed below.


Twitter: @TargetNews


Brian Cornell

Board Chairman and CEO


Katie Boylan

Exec VP and Chief Communications Officer


Brett Craig

Exec VP and Chief Information Officer


Michael Fiddelke

Exec VP and Chief Financial Officer


Mark Schindele

Exec VP and Chief Stores Officer

Twitter: @mschindele


Speak to the manager of your local Target store.

Speak to your local Target store’s manager and tell them you will not be shopping at their store. Click here for a sample script.


Tell your pro-life friends and family to also “Toss Target” It is time we stand up to woke corporations that stand against us and our values!

Alternative Options to Woke Companies
Funding Abortion Travel for Employees

With the recent reversal of Roe v. Wade, several big-name brands and/or companies have come out publicly stating that they will fund abortion travel costs for their employees. Concerned Women for America has compiled a list of alternative brands for pro-life Americans to support. 


Check out our list here.