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We are fast approaching the end of our ministry’s fiscal year, June 30.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) needs your help, at whatever level you are able, to end this fiscal year on firm financial ground — pushing forward for policies that strengthen women and families and fearlessly defending the truths that have made America a land of freedom and hope for two and a half centuries.

As you give right now, your generosity will be doubled in impact to take a stand and change the trajectory of our nation:

  1. Defending life
  2. Protecting women and children from the transgender movement, and
  3. Defeating the evil of antisemitism sweeping the nation

►►At a time when our culture is sowing lies of confusion and doubt, we need strong Christian women like you to stand unapologetically for the truth.

Please give generously to make a powerful, effective difference with CWA today. Your gift will be multiplied in impact, and together, we will change our nation for the glory of God!