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Nance: Give parents the power of the purse – educational savings accounts.

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Concerned Women for America (CWA) believes every child deserves educational freedom and that a zip code should not determine a student’s success. In her just published op-ed for Newsweek, Penny Nance, CWA’s CEO and President, discusses the important option of Educational Saving Accounts.


Penny had this to say in the article, “Give parents the power of the purse. Education Savings Accounts allow parents to use their tax dollars to pay for education that best supports their children. Nine states have already adopted ESA policies, including five in the last two years, and more will consider it this year. Let’s make it happen.”

Protecting Female Athletes in Iowa

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For Immediate Release
March 3, 2022
Contact: Katie Everett, Press Secretary
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Protecting Female Athletes in Iowa

Governor Kim Reynolds Signs Protecting Women’s Sports Bill into Law

 Washington, D.C. – Today, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, signed a bill (HF2416) into law banning transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports at the K-12 and college level. The law will take effect immediately, protecting women and girls’ sports. Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC), who has been working on this legislation, applauds Gov. Reynolds for her courageous action to protect women’s rights to fair play in sporting events.

This law protects girls’ sports by making sure that biological males cannot compete in girls’ sports. Eleven states have passed protections for girls’ sports, while nine other states are debating this issue.

“It is a momentous day in Iowa as HF2416, the Protection of Girls’ Sports bill, is signed into law,” Said Kathryn Kueter, CWA of Iowa Legislative Liason, who attended today’s signing. “Concerned Women for America of Iowa is so pleased with the work of the state legislature and Gov. Reynolds to ensure girls and women in Iowa will have an equal playing field in their sport of choice. Not only is this bill about the protection of athletics, but it stands in truth that men and women are different. Thank you, Iowa, for fighting back against the efforts to erase women and standing with us for all we have accomplished.”

Lia Thomas, a swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania who is a biological male, has drawn national attention to the issue of men competing in women’s sports. Thomas has set records competing against girls and has been cleared to compete in the NCAA women’s tournament. 

“Young women should not be forced to compete against young men,” said Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of CWALAC. “We are thankful to Gov. Reynolds for signing this important piece of legislation that will protect women and girl athletes for years to come.”

CWALAC is leading the charge to save women’s sports. 

For interviews or additional information, please contact Katie Everett, Press Secretary at 571-420-2488 or [email protected].


Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee is the legislation and advocacy arm of Concerned Women for America, the Nation’s largest public policy organization for women;
we are dedicated to promoting Biblical values and Constitutional principles. More information is available at ConcernedWomen.org

An Uninspiring State of the Union

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President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address described another world, not the one you and I are experiencing. The best of it was on Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine, where everyone wanted to stand in support of the Ukrainian people. But even there, he positioned himself as if he had been tougher than we all know he has been. He said nothing about the fact that we are still buying oil from Russia. He said nothing about increasing oil production at home.

And it was all downhill from there. At times the President seemed to be still fighting the ghost of the past Administration. He was even booed for it at one point.

In his fantasy, the economy is booming. He will give money to everyone without raising taxes for the middle class. Noting that Americans are tired of the nonsensical and arbitrary COVID restrictions the Biden Administration was pushing, all of a sudden no one needed masks in Congress for this address. Just days before the State of the Union, the Centers for Disease Control changed its tune. Science!

After the Democrat-supported defunding the police movement was universally rejected by most Americans, now President Biden wants everyone to believe the Democrats have always been for funding the police.

He will do something about the border; you are apparently to ignore your lying eyes.

It all felt like make-believe. Even the centerpiece of his Administration, abortion and promotion of LGBTQ+ interests, only merited passing lines. Not at all reflective of his practical agenda. His radical base will not be happy.

It is good news for those of us fighting for liberty and freedom. The polls are showing the president’s agenda is not popular. It is entirely outside the mainstream. So, they presented some fantasy agenda that bears no resemblance to what every day Americans are living.

He concluded by yelling that he was going to “save democracy.”


It felt flat, though the President surely spoke like he thought he was saying something momentous. In a word, it was uninspiring.

A Frank Response

Governor Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa) delivered the response and brought a dose of reality to the night. She said, “We shouldn’t ignore what happened in the runup to Putin’s invasion. Waiving sanctions on Russian pipelines while eliminating oil production here at home. Focusing on political correctness, rather than military readiness.”

She pleaded for a robust, confident American foreign policy but transitioned to the situation at home, saying, “We cannot project strength abroad if we’re weak at home.”

“The President and Democrats in Congress have spent the last year either ignoring the issues facing Americans or making them worse. They were warned that spending would lead to soaring inflation. They were told that their anti-energy policies would send gas prices to new heights. But they plowed ahead anyway.”

She spoke for millions of moms when she said:

Americans are tired of a political class that’s trying to remake this country into a place where an elite few tell everyone else what they can and cannot say—what they can and cannot believe. They are tired of people pretending the way to end racism is by categorizing everybody by their race. They are tired of politicians who tell parents they should sit down, be silent, and let government control their kid’s education and future.

And she exposed the hypocrisy that has plagued the ruling class during the pandemic, saying Americans are “tired of the theater — where politicians do one thing when the cameras are rolling and another when they believe you can’t see them. Where governors and mayors enforce mandates but don’t follow them. Where elected leaders tell their citizens to stay home while they sneak off to Florida for sun and fun — where they demand that your child wear a mask, but they go out maskless.”

Reynolds’ statement brought the realism Americans deserve at such a crucial point in our history. It was hopeful in that it showed that at least some elected officials are listening to parents’ concerns.

Even though it also reminded us that the night really marked only the first year of President Biden’s term.

God help us.