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You can get involved with CWA of Michigan!

There are opportunities to get involved on every level in Michigan!

Prayer/Action Chapters

A Prayer/Action Chapter is a group of people who meet, usually once a month to pray, learn and take action regarding issues that falls under CWA’s seven core issues. Contact us to find out if there is a Prayer/Action Chapter in your area or how to start one.

Home Team

A Home Team Captain doesn’t hold meetings but instead forwards information they receive from CWA on legislation to the members of their Home Team and encourages them to pray, learn and take action on the issues.


A State or Area Director represents CWA in her area – either an entire state or a portion of a state. A Director’s duties may include: establishing and leading a Steering Committee, recruiting new members and Prayer/Action Leaders, writing letters to the editor, and being a part of various media in her state.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is led by the Director and provides the support she needs in order to carry out the many functions of a state or area organizations.

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About CWA of Michigan

Michelle Minor
CWA Field Organization Coordinator


Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.[/full_width_section]

Michigan News & Headlines

The Truth About Transvaginal Ultrasounds

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“Safe, legal, and rare!” That’s the mantra we hear from abortion supporters. Legal it is. Rare it is not. Where does Michigan stand on this issue. Read and find out.

Michigan: She Votes 2012 Event – October 20 – Today’s Politics: What’s a Christian to do?

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Outstanding Speakers: Chief Executive Officer and President of Concerned Women for America Penny Nance, Founder of Eagle Forum Phyllis Schlafly and University Professor Ellis Washington, JD. Make plans now to attend and bring a friend!