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Petition to the International Olympic Committee
Dear International Olympic Committee,

We, the undersigned, are an international coalition of women’s organizations, athletes, and supporters of women in sport who assert that male athletes should not compete in female sports.

The transgender eligibility guidelines created by the consensus meeting in 2015, which allows males who identify as females to enter women’s categories, is unacceptable. Simply reducing testosterone levels for one year does not negate the male advantage over female athletes. 

Allowing male athletes to self-identify as female competitors is irresponsible, negligent, and dangerous. In adopting the 2015 transgender guidelines you have abandoned your duty to protect the safety and integrity of females and female sports. This amounts to blatant discrimination against women on the basis of sex. Males should not compete in female sports. 

The postponement of the 2020 Games due to the Coronavirus pandemic provides an invaluable opportunity for you to re-evaluate your transgender participation guidelines. 

We demand, for the sake of sports legitimacy, that you suspend the 2015 transgender guidelines for Tokyo 2020 (to be held in 2021) and proceed with thorough, balanced, and equitable consultation as it pertains to participation in female sports.

Our thanks to Save Women’s Sports for their leadership in launching the petition.