Americans are learning that ObamaCare will pile on insurmountable debt and cause government to encroach on every area of our lives.  ObamaCare is, as Yuval Levin said, an “unmitigated disaster – for our health care system, for our fiscal future, and for any notion of limited government.”  And the more we learn about the specific provisions, the more we discover that the bill does not reflect our values –  faith, family, and freedom –  nor does it strengthen those principles that are the foundation of a great nation. 

Each day while Democrats are criss-crossing the country to declare that ObamaCare is not a government takeover of health care, a new government expert releases figures indicating that ObamaCare is going to be outrageously expensive and won’t do what the president promised it would. 

Below are resources we’ve put together to help you understand and combat this intrusion into American life. We’ll add to the list; ObamaCare has given us a lot to write about.

ObamaCare Op-Eds

ObamaCare Debuts to Glitchy Reviews Make Love Not War (on Women) What ObamaCare means to Little Sisters of the Poor (Also available in Spanish) Community Organizer Runs Amok Repeal Obamacare: It’s Now or Never The Close Connections between the Economy and the Family Government Spending is Ruining Families Patient Privacy Goes Out the Window and Into the ObamaCare Data Hub We Are All Catholics Now What women want this year Women are Fighting ObamaCare’s Next Battle ObamaCare — From Fist Pumps to Breast Pumps Secretary Sebelius Shoots for Santa’s Nice List

Talking Points

ObamaCare and Young People (Also available in Spanish) ObamaCare Quashes Religious Liberty (Also available in Spanish)

Health Care Videos

Doctor Ad: Care ObamaCare: It’s Just Not a Good Deal for Young People The videos below are the ones that started off our original ObamaCare campaign. ObamaCare Line 1 ObamaCare Line 2 ObamaCare Line 3 ObamaCare Line 4 ObamaCare Line 5 ObamaCare Line 6 ObamaCare Line 7 ObamaCare Line 8 ObamaCare Line 9

ObamaCare Podcasts

ObamaCare Back to the Supreme Court? Why Catholic Charities Face Extinction Legislately!: HHS Anti-Conscience Mandate Legislately! Lady Smarts and more… A Federal Contraception Mandate Birth Control without Co-Pay

Featured Video: Care

Policy Briefs

Obamanomics: A Summary of the Analyses and Commentary Related to the Financial Impact of ObamaCare on Women and Families

Brochures and Fact Cards

Obama”Care” and Young People Obama”Care” Breaks Budgets and Promises Obama”Care” Quashes Religious Liberty Turns Out the “War on Women” is actually A Civil War

Bulletin Inserts

Obama”Care” and Young People Color | Black & White Obama”Care” Breaks Budgets and Promises Color | Black & White Obama”Care” Quashes Religious Liberty Color | Black & White

Press Releases

Statement on the HHS “Contraception Mandate” (Also available in Spanish) Statement on IPAB Repeal: Protecting Access to Healthcare Act CWA Applauds House for Repealing ObamaCare