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Concerned Women For America x DressLands Store Supertrash Top with Sheer Overlay

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Bring out the rebel in you and put it on display in this super trash top that says you mean business and won’t take any fooling around. The light-weight, black and white patterned top has a shorter, sheer overlay that punctuates your Bohemian preferences. Dropping loosely from a semi-scooped neckline, the sleeveless top has a curved, stepped hem for side pocket convenience. One hundred percent polyester, it’s machine washable, and ready when you are, whether you’re feeling naughty or nice. Available in all standard sizes, from small to large women, check the guide for your bust size before ordering.

Some features of this Concerned Women For America x dresslands online cheap dress include:
Sheer overlay
Curved stepped hem
Machine wash

New Research Reminds Us Why Fathers Matter

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jsc-redbgAward-winning journalist Paul Raeburn notes in his new book, “Do Fathers Matter? What Science is Telling Us About the Parent We’ve Overlooked,” that we acknowledge a father’s “authority and economic stability” in children’s home lives, but we don’t always take into account all the many other ways that dads contribute Read More

Google’s Quick Response to CWA’s Concerns

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googlebinocularsOn May 8, a group of pro-family activists and scholars met with representatives from the Google AdWords Team. The Google team knew that for a couple of years they had been on the PornHarms “Dirty Dozen” list of corporations for enabling the distribution of pornography and the growth of the pornography industry. Read More