CWA Intern Program

Do you want to work on the front lines in our nation’s capital? Do you want to influence change and put your Christian political worldview into practice? Do you want to learn from the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, with half a million members and a respected influence at the state, federal, and international levels?

If you are highly motivated, interested in public policy that focuses on CWA’s seven core issues, and ready to gain incredible experience, Concerned Women for America’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship would be a place for you!

Every spring, summer, and fall semester, CWA hosts interns at our national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia (just outside our nation’s capital.) As a CWA intern, you are trained by CWA’s Washington, D.C. experts, attend exclusive events and professional development workshops, and network with other like-minded interns and D.C. movers and shakers. CWA’s purpose is to pray, educate, and act to affect public policy – and that is exactly what you will experience while you are here in Washington, D.C.

We offer internships in Communication/Social Media, Legislation and Public Policy, Legal Studies, Field Operations (CWA Grassroots and Young Women for America), and Development and Donor Relations.

A Day in the Life of a CWA Intern …

A day in the life of a CWA intern can include trips to Capitol Hill for meetings, researching and writing about important issues, accompanying staff to media appearances, attending exclusive events around Washington, D.C., and possibly seeing your work published by CWA. We promise you will do a lot more than filing papers. We work on tough issues, and we want to teach you to tackle them. You will get hands-on experience in your particular field, as well as a weekly group Bible study and Biblical worldview class. No matter what semester you come, you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget.

What now?

Click here to download CWA’s intern application.

CWA is accepting applications for the next internship session. Department placement is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Click here for deadlines and more detailed intern information.

Former CWA Intern Testimonials

Anna Gould, Communications Intern:
Interning at Concerned Women for America was by far the best decision I could have made this summer. One of the most important things I discovered through interning at CWA was how accessible the government is. Whether it was through meeting Senator Cruz, speaking with U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza, or watching President Trump and Vice President Pence rally their audience, it was made clear to me that our government will always be run by the people, for the people. I highly recommend interning at Concerned Women for America because the intersection between education and experience I received during my summer there provided me with the experience of designing for an organization and a new appreciation for politics.

Kyle Permann, Legal Intern:
As CWA’s legal intern, I’ve seen firsthand how God can use ordinary people to move mountains, and I am blessed to be a part of that process. My internship has been full of so many valuable experiences, and I am grateful that God opened the door for me to come to CWA. As a young woman who loves politics, it is incredible to work in an environment full of like-minded Christians who want to impact the culture for Christ, and I hope that I never grow complacent in that calling.

Alexa Black, Legislative Intern:
As part of the 2019 Concerned Women for America internship program, I had the opportunity to lobby on Capitol Hill, write and research about current events, listen to thoughtful hearings, tour the city alongside incredible Godly women, and so much more. The staff immersed the interns into the daily life of a D.C. worker and created a multitude of opportunities available. I am very grateful for the wonderful staff at Concerned Women for America for creating a once in a lifetime summer.

About the Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship

“It’s wonderful to see you all here. It makes me feel as if the reinforcements have just arrived!” — President Ronald Reagan 1987 CWA National Convention

In the summer of 2004, Concerned Women for America (CWA) launched a new era in our internship program. Following the passing of President Ronald Reagan in June, Mrs. LaHaye sought a fresh initiative to keep his heritage alive. And what better way to pass on his legacy than by inspiring young people with the vision that President Reagan carried — the vision that stirred hearts across America and encouraged them that, yes, we can have a better future, a free future, a future we can be glad to pass on to our children. It’s for this reason and so many more that we are glad to continue the Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program.

Upon his death,  Mrs. Beverly LaHaye Founder and former Chairman Concerned Women for America said this of Ronald Reagan, “President Reagan’s death is a great personal loss to me – not just because of the beliefs we held in common, but because of the many ways our lives overlapped.”