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Tim LaHaye, Evangelical Leader and Husband of CWA Founder, Passes at 90

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Washington, D.C. -Penny Young Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, said today regarding the death of Dr. Tim LaHaye, husband of CWA’s founder and Chairman Dr. Beverly LaHaye:

“My heart is heavy today with the news that Dr. Tim LaHaye has passed from here into his eternal home in Heaven. I have so many fond memories of him, including going running together in California and China when we were both younger. He cared about everyone, whether a prisoner or a billionaire, the same. He was a true Biblical scholar with a fascinating intellect and a deep love for his wife and children.

“He was always so kind and encouraging to me. Before I submitted the final draft of my book, Feisty and Feminine: A Rallying Cry for Conservative Women, he generously agreed to review the chapter on why Christians must support Israel and give me thoughts and feedback. It was a privilege to receive advice from one the all-time best-selling Christian writers. In the last couple of years, I would call to talk to my boss, Mrs. LaHaye, and end up having lovely conversations with Dr. LaHaye, which he would always end them with a word of encouragement. He would say, ‘Penny we love you, and we are proud of you, and we pray every day for you.’ I join his family and people around the nation in mourning our loss, but I know he is in Heaven enjoying worshiping at Jesus’ feet and refining his knowledge and views on eschatology.”

For an interview with Penny Nance contact Janae Stracke at [email protected] or 712-269-1724.

CWA Response to Thursday’s RNC Speeches

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CWALAC_MediaStatementCleveland, OH -Thursday, July 21, Penny Nance CEO and President of Concerned Women for America said:

“Donald Trump made further gains with American voters by powerfully challenging the narrative that America’s best years are behind us.  He presented an inspirational vision for Americans on key issues including national security, crime, taxes, the economy and education. His reaffirmation of his promise to only appoint constitutionalists to the courts and to support Israel will resonate again with Evangelical Christians.  I believe that as Americans begin to pay closer attention to this race, Donald Trump will continue to attract new voters to the Republican party.

“Perhaps the Trump campaign had new voters in mind with two speakers in particular.  In Peter Thiel’s (PayPal Co-Founder and Venture Capitalist), address he brought up the recent controversy surrounding transgender bathroom usage in his speech. He said, ‘Now we are told that the greatest debate is about who gets to use which bathroom. This is a distraction from our real problems. Who cares?’ Concerned Women for America respectfully disagrees. Though our country faces many issues, it does not diminish the importance of other issues such as protecting the safety and privacy of women and children.

“While trying to make one minority group comfortable, open bathroom and shower policies ignore the feelings of women who have been abused or who have cultural and religious modesty concerns which make them uncomfortable with men in their bathroom or showers. Concerned Women for America cares about this policy because it creates an enormous opportunity for abuse, as other men may use it to gain access to the vulnerable. There are currently about 850,000 sexual predators on the national registry who will use any pretext to access innocent women and children.

“The Obama Administration began this conversation by working to coerce states and schools into abandoning common sense. Mr. Thiel shares some of our conservative principles, and we are happy to work with like-minded people in the areas where we can agree and specifically for his safety from Islamic fascist.  But we must respectfully disagree with his statements tonight. We take comfort in knowing that there are better solutions which consider everyone’s needs.

“In addition, despite Donald Trump’s clear promise to clean up America’s 19 trillion dollars in debt, Ivanka Trump’s speech may have hinted at new government entitlements.  She suggested in her speech that her father, Donald Trump, as President would work towards equal pay and affordable child care. She is correct in her assessment that motherhood is the dividing line in the pay gap.  For single mothers, this is particularly difficult.  We look forward to market-based approaches to this issue instead of more warmed over, bureaucratic solutions.   Seventy percent of parents with children five and under say that one parent at home is the best child care arrangement during a child’s earliest years. When parents were asked to rank nine childcare options for pre-school children, they ranked government-run childcare centers dead last. Mothers often prefer home care by a relative, even when other childcare is convenient. Rather than imposing more government, lets lower the tax burden on families as a means to achieve the affordable childcare of their choice.”


*For more information and statistics please see CWA’s A War No More: The Truth Behind the “War on Women” booklet here.

American Hostages Released – Our Work is Not Done

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Washington, D.C. – Today, Iranian media announced they will release four U.S. citizens in a prisoner swap. The prisoners include Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post journalist; Amir Hekmat, a former U.S. Marine; Pastor Saeed Abedni, and a fourth unnamed American. Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance had this to say:

“It is always a great day when Americans are freed and reunited with their loved ones. We praise God for His protection of these men while they were held by the Iranians.  We are rejoicing in the safe return of these men and our answered prayers.  But our work is far from done. Concerned Women for America was at the front of the fight opposing the deal with Iran last summer and petitioned for the release of our American hostages. Our Yellow Ribbon Rally was held in front of the White House and was attended by Ted Cruz and other leaders who joined our fight. Our rally made national news and our voices were heard.  We thank our members who wore yellow ribbons to remind them and others to pray for the release of these men.

“There are still more American hostages being held: ex-FBI Agent Robert Levinson and two others. We also have great concern about the $150 billion and the prisoners being released to the hands of some of our greatest enemies. Make no mistake, the Iranians are not our friends, and our fight is not over.

“Concerned Women for America and our half-a-million members will not easily forget the choices our current administration has made, and we will work to educate the public to see an administration in place in our country who will put the safety of Americans first.”

For an interview with Penny Nance, please contact Janae Stracke at [email protected] or 712-269-1724.

Obama’s State of the Union: Little Has Changed

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weatheredpressealObama has given his very last State of the Union address in his last year as president.  Despite a few moments of bipartisan approval, it revealed the same kind of biased rhetoric, emphatic tone, and distorted policies that we have come to expect of the president.

Regarding the economy, Obama claimed recovery and ignored that the benefits he expanded increased dependency, resulting in crippling debt down the line.  Speaker Ryan is appropriately cynical, explaining that wages aren’t increasing and that the poverty rate is near a generational high — signs of a weak economy, not a recovering one.  The Wall Street Journal reported this week that 93% of U.S. counties haven’t fully recovered from the recession.  Yet Obama says, “All the talk of America’s economic decline is political hot air. Well, so is all the rhetoric you hear about our enemies getting stronger and America getting weaker.”

By the time he gave the speech, developing events of the previous day had thrown into question his scheduled talking points.  Ten sailors were in the custody of Iran (later released); ISIS killed ten tourists.  The idea that the president has kept America safe is laughable.

Americans feel threatened by the looming possibility of a terrorist attack any day.  Obama is dismissing our concern, saying we are World War III extremists, but his unwillingness to face reality is increasing fears.  He simultaneously admitted this is a “dangerous time” but also claimed that this is not because of “diminished American strength,” refusing to take any responsibility for it.  He took several passes at associating ISIS with Islam in any way, saying we should simply call them what they are “killers and fanatics.” This is an implication of some exaggerated assumption that those who call ISIS radical Islam are somehow against all Muslims.  ISIS continues to commit terrorist attacks and humans rights atrocities around the world.  We cannot think America is somehow immune to them; in fact, we are a target.  Obama praised his efforts with Iran, but his Iran deal funds terrorist groups, endangers our ally Israel, and leaves American hostages behind.  Obama believes he can make a deal with those who are our enemies and cannot be trusted.

Also interesting is the social policy on which Obama didn’t dwell.  He only briefly mentioned “gay marriage.”  In addition to hurting our children, the new cultural and legislative shift has put our fundamental religious liberty in jeopardy by trying to push us beyond toleration into celebration.  He also ignored the Little Sisters of the Poor, who were featured GOP guests.  All they want is for their religious liberty to be left alone by Obama’s healthcare policies.  And Obama also neglected the issue of scandal-ridden Planned Parenthood, probably because the efforts against it are working, stalled now by his veto.  He dared to talk about how terrorists don’t “value human life” when he himself is pro-abortion.

A major theme was that Obama wanted a new politics, more civility. More “basic bonds of trust” and believing our opponents have good motivations:  “Our public life withers when only the most extreme voices get all the attention.”  Much of that is true! But is Obama willing to live by this himself?  Why is he the one constantly shutting down debate, refusing to work with Republicans, and being that extreme voice?  Why did he critique a pandering to special interests and divisions when he constantly panders to and illuminates them?

But conservatives are not intimidated by Obama’s sweet-talking, self-aggrandizement.  Speaking directly after Obama, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) expressed her well-founded concern over the economy, healthcare, civil unrest, and dangerous terrorism, but also laid out hope for an alternative: an economy that truly soars while controlling debt, and a foreign policy that celebrates Israel, not Iran.

Obama says his goal, like ours, is to help America’s future, to keep it prosperous and respected.  But his solutions only make America poorer and weaker by the day.  The fact is he ignored the important social issues of marriage, abortion, and religious freedom.  But as Nikki Haley explained, we have a chance to erase liberal policies and recover the heritage of our nation.  Our true hope in these times rests in God, in praying, in actively doing His will, and in earnestly beseeching Him to still bless America.

Chaney Mullins serves as Special Projects Writer for Concerned Women for America.

Calling All Christians: Be A Doer, Not A Bystander

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neveragainAntisemitism is on the rise, and Israel is in crisis. Christians need to ask themselves, “What are we going to do about it?” On a recent trip to Israel, I once again toured Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. I was struck by the lovely grove of trees outside the building, figuratively reliving the years between 1938 and 1942 alongside the museum’s visitors. These trees commemorate “The Righteous Among the Nations,” people who tried to protect Jews at great risk and for no personal gain. People like Dutch Christian Corrie Ten Boom are honored there. Contrast those honored in Israel with another group of people exhibited in the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. The display reads:


The great majority of Europeans during the period of the Holocaust were neither killers nor victims. But whether or not they were involved in the ongoing genocide or understood the full extent of the “Final Solution,” most could observe small events forming part of the catastrophe as it unfolded in their own communities. … Some bystanders sought to exploit the situation of the Jews for personal gain, but most merely stood by, neither collaborating nor coming to the aid of the victims. This passivity amounted to acquiescence, and the planners and executors of the “Final Solution” counted on bystanders not intervening in the process of genocide.

Here is my nagging question: If I were alive during the Holocaust, who would I have been? Would I be the Christian who hid my Jewish neighbor in my home, risking a concentration camp for my own children, or the “bystander” who turned away, unwilling to help or even care? One can never know the answer in retrospect, but one can determine today’s actions.

According to the Antisemitism Worldwide 2014 Annual Report, published by Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry and the European Jewish Congress (EJC), antisemitism increased almost 40 percent from 2013 to 2014. In fact, 2014 was reported as one of the worst years in the last decade concerning anti-Semitic activity. In the U.S., 139 anti-Semitic incidents were recorded in July of 2014, a 157 percent increase from July of 2013.

Thus far, in 2015, Israel has lost 11 innocent lives and 66 have been injured in terrorist attacks. One of those victims is 78-year-old Haim Haviv, who died when two Palestinians shot and stabbed passengers on a bus. That same day, 60-year-old Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky was killed when a Palestinian worker for the Israeli telephone company rammed into pedestrians at a bus stop and then hacked them with a cleaver. Another, a 13-year-old Israeli boy, not much younger than my own son, was attacked by two Palestinians while he was innocently out for a bike ride.

In light of the events unfolding in Israel today, and even here in the U.S., we have an opportunity to begin to answer that question of “Who would I have been?” Do we sit by passively as our neighbors or our ally is vilified, or do we respond in an active way? Have we, in fact, acquiesced, or have we found the boldness to speak out?

The recent escalation of violence and terrorism in Israel should be of grave concern to the world, but particularly to peace-loving Americans. Make no mistake; this is a pivotal moment in the US-Israel relationship. Israel is in crisis, and what we do next matters not just to her but also to our very souls. We can never go back and right the wrongs of history, but we can each determine in our hearts to do everything in our power today to be active rather than passive. We must resist passive behavior and not just acquiesce. Speak to your neighbors, friends, and family about the violence in Israel and contact the U.S. Department of State to tell Secretary of State John Kerry to support Israel. Let’s not be bystanders.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article was published by Breitbart. Click here to read it.

To Call ‘Good’ ‘Evil’

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I was there. … I sat for hours watching Cecile Richards defend Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States. For the first hour, I couldn’t even get into the packed House Committee room. When I did, it was the world of Isaiah 5:20: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

1.      What is Justice?

The left characterized the Center for Medical Progress as the true bad guys, saying that they should be the one’s investigated for recording undercover videos and setting up phony companies.  They see this “deception” as the real problem, instead of the murder of millions of children at the hands of Planned Parenthood.

2.      What is Truth?

Misleading statistics were thrown out by Miss Richards such as the highly dubious “only three percent of all Planned Parenthood services are abortion” statistic. As this video explains, many services more frequent and less profitable than abortion are figured into the equation in order to arrive at the three-percent figure. In reality, Planned Parenthood makes a lot of excess revenue, profits greatly from abortion, and 94 out of 100 pregnant women are served through abortion instead of adoption referral or prenatal care!

3.      What defines “Life-Saving”?

The left kept saying that fetal tissue donation is “life-saving research.” The sad truth is that some vaccines are developed with fetal tissue; however, this does not justify fetal tissue research. There are alternatives like induced pluripotent stem cells. More importantly, the intentional killing of one person so that another might be saved is deeply and ethically wrong.  The 1973 sci-fi movie, Soylent Green, exposed the fact that “Soylent Green is People!” The premise of the film was that they were killing the old to save the young. Fast forward to today, and we are killing the young to try to save the old.

4.      What is Love?

Planned Parenthood needs abortion because their view of sexuality can only function with abortion. “Free love” — sex without consequence — will inevitably result in unplanned pregnancy, with or without birth control (which has an inevitable failure rate). The more women are taught to rely on birth control, the more sex they will have and the more risk of birth control’s failure and an unplanned pregnancy.  Abortion is, thus, the back-up form of birth control to enable a culture that does not value sexuality and marriage. Abortion is the symptom of much larger cultural problems.

5.      What is Caring?

Planned Parenthood’s tagline is “Care: No Matter What.” If they mean “care” as in, “I care about you,” then they don’t seem to understand that truly loving a patient — truly caring for them — is not letting them do something hurtful to others and themselves.  “Caring” does not meant you blindly “respect and encourage” any choice whatsoever that someone makes. No one would say to a woman struggling with an addiction that she should just be cared for as is. No. At times, truly caring requires intervention.

6.      What is Equality?

In the classic Planned Parenthood, leftist worldview, fertility is a disability, and women cannot be equal with men as a result. Though they won’t acknowledge it, they believe that women’s equality is dependent on a woman’s ability to kill her own offspring. They define equality as sameness, not acknowledging that two different things can be both unique and equal.

7.      What is Private and What is Public?

During the hearing, Planned Parenthood supporters kept calling abortion “a private decision between a woman and her doctor.” They do not answer why taxpayers should have to publicly support organizations which provide private services. The irony being, if abortion is so private then leave public money out of it! Furthermore, Planned Parenthood’s insistence that public money is not going to abortion intentionally misses the point that public money frees up their private funds.

8.      What is the Meaning of the Body?

Planned Parenthood and Democrats say over and over that you can’t tell a woman what she should do with her body. They have no acknowledgement of the separate body within the mom — the child as both united and distinct from her — as in reality we are all both dependent and unique from one another. They also do not understand the beauty of giving to one another as a gift.

Let us expose this upside-down, topsy-turvy world of Planned Parenthood and pray for the truth to be revealed in each of these areas. Let us pray that the scales will be removed from the eyes of those who look so that they will see the Truth.


Members of the House Oppose Iran Deal

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Washington, D.C. – After hearing from their constituents about the extreme dangers posed by the Iran Nuclear Deal, the House voted yesterday and today on multiple measures to oppose it.  Penny Nance, CEO andCWALAC_MediaStatement President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, had this to say:

“The House abided by the views held by 56% of Americans who overwhelmingly oppose the deal with Iran, recognizing this deal is bad news for America and worse for Israel.  Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently said that Iran would not negotiate with the Satan (the United States) beyond the recently negotiated agreement and that Israel would not exist in 25 years and ‘the spirit of fighting, heroism and jihad will keep [Israel] worried every moment.’

“The Iran Nuclear Deal was not negotiated by an honest nation but rather one that sponsors terrorism.  Once implemented, this deal will release $150 billion in sanctions relief. A good portion of that could be used to fund terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah – both groups which reside around Israel and have carried out attacks against our ally.

“Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee will continue to support every effort to ensure that the Iran Nuclear Deal is not implemented. We must fight to ensure that Iran will never have nuclear weapon capabilities.”

For additional information or to set up an interview contact Janae Stracke at (712) 269-1724 or [email protected].

Senate Democrats Obstruct Iran Deal Resolution of Disapproval

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Washington, D.C. – This afternoon, Senate Democrats filibustered and blocked a final vote on the Iranian nuclear deal. Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, hCWALAC_MediaStatementad this to say:

“Senate Democrats have heard from their constituents at home and here in Washington, D.C. over the last two months. Unfortunately, party politics won when Democrats blocked a final vote on advancing the Iran deal disapproval resolution. Constituents expect their senators to at least allow a vote on this deal. It is unacceptable that 98-1 Senators voted in May to have a vote on this agreement and now Democrats kept the Chamber from proceeding with that vote.

“This deal is unpopular with American voters; 58% say this deal will make the world less safe. Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism. Once implemented, this deal will release $150 billion in sanctions relief. A good portion of that could be used to fund terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah – both groups which reside around Israel and have carried out attacks against our ally.

“Iran’s Supreme Leader has reaffirmed hostility toward the U.S. and Israel. Earlier this week Ayatollah Khamenei stated that Israel would not exist in 25 years and referred to the United States as ‘Satan.’

“The ramifications of this agreement will outlive the Obama Administration. Those who support this deal will be held accountable for the part they play.”

For additional information or to set up an interview contact  Janae Stracke at (712) 269-1724 or [email protected].