Young Women for America in Israel!

December 27, 2019 – January 6, 2020

Join us this winter on our Second Young Women for America trip to Israel! Enjoy Christmas with your family and then spend 10 days visiting the Holy Land with your fellow YWA ladies! Sign up below to reserve your space. Please do it now, as space is limited.

Visiting Israel never leaves a person unchanged.

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From Passages: “Our itinerary is designed to accomplish the two goals of our organization: to point trip participants to the roots of their Biblical faith and to introduce them to the complex landscape of modern Israel, with the goal of building bridges of understanding and friendship between our two countries. The itinerary includes visits to foundational biblical sites as well as sites relevant to the history of the modern Jewish state. Participants will hear from a diverse set of speakers and local people throughout who will help the student understand Israeli culture, government and economy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and geopolitical and security issues surrounding Israel.”

Cost: $880 registration fee. Breakdown of Cost: $550 non-refundable administrative fee, $200 refundable programmatic deposit which refunded upon completion of the post-trip program, $130 tip for Israeli tour guide and driver

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For more information, visit or click here for a sample itinerary.

YWA in Israel 2018 Testimonials:

Ashley Henson, YWA President at the University of Alabama: “How could I ever begin to describe the 10 days that changed my life forever? this land and its people have touched my life in countless ways. I watched as the pages of the Bible came to life before me, and God revealed Himself to me through every place and person. I felt His presence like I never have before, and I left with an indescribable peace that I never imagined I could feel.  I went on this trip expecting to find a nation ravaged by years of war, a people exhausted from constant tension. instead I found a nation of joy. every person I encountered, no matter their religion or nationality, greeted me with a smile and a joke. despite the conflict in the region, hope lives on in the people who call Israel home. I pray that hope never fades. I pray that we, as Americans, can one day feel even a fraction of that hope for our nation. I pray that we never take for granted the freedom and security we are blessed with. and I pray that we never forget those who struggle around the world for the same freedom and security.”


Valeria Tkacik, former YWA President at Ave Maria University: “My Israeli experience was more than great, it was life changing. From Nazareth to the Western Wall, I felt God’s presence everywhere I went. When I shared a smile or a laugh with any of my YWA members, I knew that I shared that moment with Jesus himself. I cannot wait to see how God blesses these girls’ lives! So thankful to travel to the Holy Land with my concerned women!! — “To fall in love with God is the greatest romance; to seek him the greatest adventure; to find him, the greatest human achievement.” ~ St. Augustine of Hippo”