World Congress of Families Meets in Amsterdam in August

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These days, “commitment” rhymes with “flippant.” Marriage vows and commitments to families have hit the curb like yesterday’s foul-smelling trash. The estimated number of divorces in America alone in 2008 totaled 2,208,000.

The top causes? Infidelity, addiction, abuse or a lack of commitment.

Religious leaders from around the world are aware of the growing need to teach families how to cope with real life issues. On August 10-12, 2009, The World Congress of Families (WCF) will meet in the RAI Centre of Amsterdam with outstanding speakers such as Cardinal Ennio Antonelli, Don Feder, Madame Christine Vollmer, Dr. Paige Patterson, Rabbi Beinyomin Jacobs, Dr. Richard Land, Dr. Allan Carlson and Dr. Janice Crouse who will share their wisdom on a wide variety of issues regarding the family, including families in crisis, homeschooling, families in situations of poverty, HIV/AIDS in the family, and the importance of motherhood.

The World Congress of Families is a conference of over four thousand pro-family leaders and grassroots activists from around the world who come together to celebrate the centrality and importance of the family. Concerned Women for America (CWA) co-sponsors the WCF, and through Dr. Janice Crouse, Director and Senior Fellow of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, is closely involved in planning the conferences. Dr. Crouse has been in the WCF leadership since the Geneva conference in 2000, and she currently serves on the five-person Management Committee that oversees the World Congresses. There have been four previous conferences in Prague, Geneva, Mexico City, and Warsaw, each with the aim of affirming that “the natural human family is established by the Creator and is essential to good society.”

Philo of Alexandria once said, “What God is to the world, parents are to their children.” Unfortunately, there are many parents today who do not base their parenting on the pattern that God has set by being the ultimate Abba Father to his children. The result? Families that are severed due to their father’s addiction to pornography, children that are neglected by their mothers in favor of her career, a baby’s life ending before it begins. By replacing the close-knit family unit with one that is detached and unsupportive, society is destroying the next generation. The World Congress of Families was created to reverse this trend, and it is at these conferences that practical training and Biblical thoughts are put into action.

The families that attend come to gain hope and a vision for the future. Proverbs 29:18 says that “where there is no vision, the people perish.” WCF is casting a vision to protect families, to affirm divine truth in policy decisions, and to unite God’s children in upholding these values.

Important plenary speeches and breakout sessions at the WCF will provide information that is as helpful to ordinary people as it is to scholars and policymakers around the world. Experts will share their best practices, and families will share their experiences. America isn’t alone in facing family breakdown and cultural disintegration – it’s happening the world over. The World Congress of Families addresses those problems and encourages people who are working to reverse the detrimental trends and restore the family to vitality and centrality in people’s lives.

CWA invites you to attend the World Congress of Families in the beautiful city of Amsterdam to meet people that may be culturally different, but who share the same excitement and enthusiasm for celebrating family values globally. You can register for the conference at or by phone at 800-461-3113. Enjoy the conference with your spouse for only $399.00, or come alone for $249.00. Youth and students get a discounted rate of $159.00.

Amsterdam has approximately 110 hotels within 20-25 minutes of the conference center, as well as youth hostels and budget hotels that won’t leave your pocketbook thin. We look forward to seeing you there!

Catherine Gainous is an intern with Concerned Women for America’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program. For more information on our internship program, click here.

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