Why Worry about a Radical Group in the Netherlands?

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Fortunately, a radical group in the Netherlands was unable to gather enough signatures to run for a seat in the Dutch parliament. The fringe political party is called PNVD, a Dutch acronym that stands for “brotherly love, freedom and diversity.” What they really stand for is a wide range of morally-unacceptable behaviors pedophilia, bestiality, child pornography, child drug use, having adults teach a child how to have sex and lowering the age of sexual consent to age 12.

Kathleen Monaghan, from Cybercast News Service, first exposed the goals of the PNVD and interviewed the PNVD party secretary Norbert DeJonge, who believes that children and animals are capable of giving consent for sex. DeJonge also asserted that sex has to be learned by doing, so an older person engaging in sex with a child “may be the best” way to teach them. DeJonge’s lunacy also extends to believing that the Human Rights Declaration of the United Nations ought to include a “similar declaration for animals.” Further, party members believe that “people should have as much freedom as possible as long as they don’t harm others.” Obviously, PNVD members are denying the well-documented harm for children who are sexually abused; both the psychological and physical harm affects children even throughout their adulthood.

The PNVD was unable to win over the public. They received fewer than 1,000 votes for their candidates. DeJonge admits that they have only three board members and fewer than 100 people who write encouraging e-mails to them. He laments the fact that people can’t ask children what they think about any sexual contacts that they have had; he believes that the children enjoy and find pleasure in their sexual experiences.

The good sense of the Dutch, who repudiated such thinking, is a benefit for all of us because success by such fringe groups would encourage similar groups in the U.S. to reach for their goals with renewed vigor.

While Dutch courts allowed the PNVD to field candidates for seats in the Dutch Parliament, it is significant that the public resoundingly rejected them. We need to celebrate this victory because if PNVD had won, they would have influenced other groups and had more opportunity to convince others over to their relativism and coarse, unbiblical attitudes.

We have seen with the “pro-choice” arguments of those who favor abortion that the unthinking public responds very favorably to the idea that people ought to be able to do whatever they choose to do and that their personal choices have inherent validity and goodness. We must take every opportunity to repudiate such thinking and help people recognize that there are good outcomes and well-being for those who are willing to exercise the discipline and restraint required by the tried-and-true moral, ethical and spiritual boundaries of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Such boundaries especially protect our children and ensure that they will be nurtured and blessed by moral and Biblical instruction, so that they will have an opportunity to choose for themselves whom they will serve whether God or mammon.

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