Why the Left is Attacking Abstinence Programs

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thshowcase.jpgIt happens all the time — when Congress begins drafting appropriations bills dealing with the funding of sex education, the left starts undermining abstinence programs. The federal government disproportionately supports those sex education programs prominently featuring condom distribution from Planned Parenthood and other organizations that argue: “Teens are going to have sex anyway, so the best response is to teach teens to protect themselves and encourage them to practice ‘safe’ sex.” In fact, for every $12 spent on condom-based programs, only $1 is spent funding abstinence programs. Yet when appropriations hearings are held, you can count on well-timed research being released to “prove” that the few and relatively new abstinence programs don’t work. The left vehemently argues that the government is throwing money away to support abstinence programs. Translation: All the federal money should go to the groups promoting “safe sex” through the use of condoms. [more …]

The BLI study, “Why the Left is Attacking Abstinence Programs” is available for the Web via Adobe Acrobat. The Acrobat Reader is available for free by clicking the button below.


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