Who’s Looking Out for Babies and Children?

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Three news stories I’ve recently read all deal with the death or exploitation of children. It leads one to wonder how the world has become so callous towards the innocent.

The first story from the U.K. Daily Mail goes into horrifying detail about pills touted as “cure-alls” shipped from China to Korea — they contain human flesh. To be more specific and graphic, they contain the ground up remains of aborted, still-born, or other babies left to die in China’s “dying rooms” (most were victims of China’s brutal one-child policy) whose precious, innocent bodies were destroyed and desecrated. After their untimely deaths, these babies were stored in the refrigerators of human flesh peddlers until they could be transferred to clinics that use medical drying microwaves to get them into a state where they can then be pulverized and put into capsules.

These “cure-alls” are dangerous for those who ingest them, and not just for the state of their souls. The pills contain super-bacteria and other ingredients that are harmful.

In the United States, a story on CNSNews.com talks about abortion, but from a different perspective. This article discusses a letter of support written to the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF), from a 14-year-old girl, Darcy, after this fund gave her money to pay for her abortion. The way the girl’s acknowledgement is written, it sounds remarkably like a propaganda piece. The young girl bemoans the fact that she had to tell her mother she was pregnant, because the state where she lives requires parental or judicial permission for a minor to obtain an abortion. She says she is smart and loves biology, tells how her mom works so hard and, yet, they cannot afford much, especially not the money for an abortion. She also tells how she got a second chance, because she aborted her child thanks to the NNAF. Left out of this story are any details on the father of the aborted baby. How old was he? Could it have been a case of statutory rape? Why wasn’t adoption an option? Where was her mom when she was getting pregnant?

Here’s a case of a pregnant 14-year-old, and the way NNAF portrays the situation, the biggest concern of all involved was who was going to pay to abort the baby.

The third story is part one of a four-part series on WND.com about the use of Facebook by sexual predators who rape and abuse children. (Warning, the story in the above link contains graphic details about the sexual abuse of children.) Unfortunately, Facebook has become the home of pedophiles and child pornographers who use the site to connect with other degenerates and criminals. The pictures and videos they post there are depictions of actual crimes against children. WND.com did report all incidences they found to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and we should all pray that every one of those perverts posting and looking at these images on Facebook are caught, prosecuted, and jailed for a very long time.

Remember, these disgusting and dangerous individuals use Facebook not only to trade their filth, but also to troll for unsuspecting children and “friend” them. That should send a shiver down all parents’ spines. Facebook users should demand that Facebook administrators seek out and remove every one of these pages and report them all to the FBI.

Three stories. All showing a callous disregard for babies, children, and adolescents. When human beings are dispensable, is anyone safe?

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