Who Says Marriage Is Obsolete?

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The following article appeared in The American Spectator.

Those familiar with the creation story in Scripture know that when God viewed all that He had made, He pronounced it to be good. Except, of course, when He looked at Adam, He said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” Today’s intelligentsia dismiss the story as myth and the truth it expresses about the natural order of things as irrelevant. For many of them, traditional marriage is pass The marriage rate today is well under half of what it was in 1969. Consequently, the number of persons not living in families — persons the Census Bureau refers to as “unrelated individuals” — has increased by more than three times. Today, they comprise 17.5 percent of our population of 304 million; take note that better than one fifth of these unrelated individuals live in poverty. Not exactly the yuppie life of “Friends” or “Sex and the City.” More…

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