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During this election season there is talk of a new phenomenon, “security moms,” who allegedly will affect the November 2 results. It is said that “security moms,” formerly known as “soccer moms,” take the war in Iraq seriously and will vote for Bush. The war, reportedly, is their highest voting priority and they are said to be closing the gender gap.

Yet a poll conducted by comScore Networks Inc. during October 16-20 determined that being a mother is not the biggest demographic differentiator between supporters of Bush or Kerry; it is being a wife.

Polls show that if women voted today, President Bush would receive 56.4 percent of votes from married women without children. The votes from married women with children increased to 58 percent.

President Bush received only 42 percent of votes from single women with children and only 36.6 percent of single women’s votes.

Interestingly, despite the public perception that “security moms'” highest voting priority is the war in Iraq, single women rate the Iraq war the most important issue over married women. Married women were more prone to rank homeland security and the economy before the war.

For both groups, single or married, Iraq, homeland security, the economy, health care and social security are the most important issues. Polls show that on issues of Iraq, homeland security and terrorism, Bush is ahead with 57 percent. On economy, health care and social security, Kerry is ahead with 52 percent.

Yet in determining which candidate currently has more women voters, Bush pulls ahead by a slim margin. The married-mom and the single-women categories cancel each other out, leaving the single mom and the wife without kids to battle it out.

“Based on these results, of the ‘who would do a better job’ questions, women voters are having a more difficult task this year in choosing a president,” said Dr. Magid Abraham, PhD, CEO and co-founder of comScore Networks Inc. “They like President Bush for one and Sen. Kerry for the other. And that’s what is creating such anxiety among the undecided women voters at this late stage in the campaign.”

The presidential election is nearing and each party on the ballot is frantically campaigning to win the infamous battleground states and undecided voters. Women, are declared the most undecided voter and each campaign is desperately reaching to sway their vote.

“It might come down to which candidate’s wife the women voters most admire,” said Dr. Janice Crouse, senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, “Laura Bush’s approval ratings are in the 80s while Teresa Heinz Kerry’s ratings languish below 40. Mrs. Kerry has been pretty much under wraps in the waning days of the campaign whereas Mrs. Bush is usually by the President’s side.”

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