Duty to God or men? Boy Scouts: Protect Our Children!

Join us as we boldly call on the Boy Scouts of America to remain faithful to their founding and to be courageous in pursuing their core principle of “Duty to God.” Sign your Open Letter to Robert Gates now!

Open Letter to Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates

As a strong believer in the time-honored, time-tested institution that is the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), I’m urging you to remain true to BSA’s founding principles and values as they relate to “sexual orientation.”

The Supreme Court affirmed your right in 2000 to exclude openly “gay” and lesbian adults from participating in your scouting program. Clearly, your call to end the ban on “gay” Scout leaders is more about bending to cultural pressure than taking the moral high ground.

Furthermore, those pushing for a change in the current policy are putting political correctness and greed above child safety. Such a change will force parents and community leaders to reconsider their involvement in an organization that is respected, trusted, and morally centered.

With the eyes of the nation on you, I urgently request that you practice the principles you preach and courageously remain true to your core belief of “Duty to God.” Do not compromise the Boy Scouts’ principles and put your Scouts’ safety at risk by lifting the ban on “gay” leaders.


Petition retired. Thanks to all who participated!