Warning! The Lame Liberal Ducks Won’t Rest

By December 16, 2010LAC Hot Topics/Alerts
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This Congress may be a lame-duck, but it sure is quacking out its last gasps on the innocent public. We have several updates and need your help now!

Item 1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – HOUSE

Last night the House of Representatives voted on a stand-alone bill to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the 1993 law prohibiting homosexuals from serving openly in the military. The bill, H.R. 2965, passed without opportunity for amendments by a vote of 250-175 and will now be sent over to the Senate as a privileged motion. That makes it easier for Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada), the Majority Leader, to bring this bill up at any time. 15 House Republicans voted Yes (for the repeal) and 15 Democrats voted No.

Click here to see how your Representative voted on this important issue. Please call your Representative to say thank you if they voted NO. Please call your Representative to express (politely) your disappointment/concern if they voted YES. The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 225-3121. If you do not know your Representative, click here.

Item 2. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – SENATE

As noted above, Reid can bring this vote up at any time. Please call your two Senators right now to urge them to vote NO on the stand-alone repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The Senate Switchboard is (202) 224-3121.

Special Note for our friends in West Virginia – your brand new Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) was the only Democrat to vote against the Defense Authorization bill last week. We opposed that bill because it contained a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and a repeal of the abortion ban on military installations. He was a crucial vote in helping to stop that bad legislation. Now the pressure is on big time! The homosexual activists are hounding him. His Democratic leadership is surely applying all kinds of pressure – and not at all happy with him. He needs to hear from his friends at home in West Virginia immediately to encourage him to stand strong against the attacks and do the right thing to vote against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell now that it’s in a stand-alone bill. Senator Manchin’s direct line is: (202) 224-3954.

Item 3. Omnibus Spending bills – SENATE

Instead of considering a Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government funded at 2010 (or even 2008) levels, the Senate substituted an Omnibus Spending bill that blows the lid off spending. They will vote at any time. (This is not to be confused with the tax cut bill the Senate also passed yesterday 81-19).

Discretionary spending in the Omnibus Spending bill exceeds $1.2 trillion including $9 billion more than even last fiscal year’s spending binge (FY10). In addition to numerous very serious pro-life concerns, the Omnibus also includes $1 billion in spending for programs to launch ObamaCare which a federal judge just this week ruled was unconstitutional.

Please call your Senators and urge them to oppose the Omnibus Spending bills. The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121. If you do not know who your Senator is, click here.In addition, if your Senator is on the list below, your call is especially important. These are Senators who absolutely must hear from you today if you are a voter in their state. Their direct phone numbers are listed beside their names. All area codes are (202).


Chris Bond (Missouri) – 224-5721
Richard Shelby (Alabama) – 224-5744
Judd Gregg (New Hampshire) – 224-3324
Robert Bennett (Utah) – 224-5444
George Voinovich (Ohio) – 224-3353
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) – 224-6665
Susan Collins (Maine) – 224-2523
Lamar Alexander (Tennessee) -224-4944
Olympia Snowe (Maine) – 224-5344
Scott Brown (Massachusetts)- 224- 4543


Claire McCaskill (Missouri) – 224-6154
Russ Feingold (Wisconsin) – 224-5323
Byron Dorgan (North Dakota) – 224-2551
Kent Conrad (North Dakota) – 224-2043
Mark Pryor (Arkansas) – 224-2353
Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas) – 224-4843
Ben Nelson (Nebraska) – 224-6551
Bill Nelson (Florida) – 224-5274
Mary Landrieu (Louisiana) – 224-5824
Tim Johnson (South Dakota) – 224-5842
Max Baucus (Montana) – 224-2651
Jon Tester (Montana) – 224-2644
Joe Manchin (West Virginia) – 224-3954

Please continue to pray for our nation. Thank you for all your help especially during this Holy Season!

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer

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