Urgent Call to Action for Marylanders – Protect Women and Children

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Go to mdpetitions.com to sign the petition to protect families in Maryland against this extremely radical legislation.

The Maryland legislature recently passed SB 212, deceptively named the “Fairness For All Marylanders Act,” which would require, in part, that businesses open their public facilities (bathrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms, etc.) to allow men to use the ladies’ room and women to use the men’s room, if they self-proclaim to be of the other gender.

The bill does this by prohibiting discrimination based on “gender identity.”

This bill endangers the privacy and safety rights of all Marylanders, especially our women and children. As Delegate Neil Parrott stated on the House floor, “Your right to swing your arm ends where my nose begins.” This bill tries to provide special rights to “transgendered” individuals, while ignoring the reasonable concerns of husbands and parents.

Marylanders are rising up against this radical legislation by gathering signatures for a petition that would place this newly passed bill on the ballot this November so “We the People” can decide whether or not to keep it.

We need your help right away to reach the number of signatures required. We only have three days left. Please act now.

Go to mdpetitions.com where you can get the petition, sign it, and send it. It’s easy!
Each person is born with a specific biological sex that, regardless of personal, emotional, or psychological feelings to the contrary, is maintained throughout their lives. There is a reason that bathrooms are separated and should continue to be. Men and women are physically different in ways that are traditionally held as private. Most humans neither want to reveal nor see intimate aspects of strangers of the opposite sex. We need to protect our families by stopping the “bathroom bill.”

Signing the petition at mdpetitions.com is the first and most crucial step.

Once you do that, please be sure to share the information with your family and friends. We need to do everything we can to stop this dangerous legislation.

Thank you for standing up for Maryland families.