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Imagine what life would be like if you lived under the threat of or endured these situations on a daily basis: Rape Gang Rape Bruises Broken bones Head injuries Injuries to the mouth, teeth and vagina Torture and mutilation Murder Being filmed for pornographic websites and movies while being violated every way imaginable and unimaginable Drug and alcohol addiction – necessary to dull the pain Physical and verbal abuse from your madam, pimp or trafficker and johns – some of whom may be your relatives Having to service 20-30 men a dayevery day Being exposed to AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases Forced abortions Giving birth and having your child held hostage by traffickers or worse yet, violated or sold by them for the same fate you endure Being arrested Not being recognized as a victim after the arrest and being returned to your pimp/trafficker Not knowing who you may trust Feeling hopeless Fearing every minute, every noise, every time the door opens Wondering why your family or someone doesn’t rescue you Wishing to die; trying to die

Now, imagine this victim is a child.

This list, by no means complete and sanitized for publication, are some of the abuses a victim of sex trafficking suffers every single day of their enslaved life. And often times, it is a short life.

Tragically, these victims are very often children. The depraved nature of traffickers and johns knows no boundaries – small children and infants are not spared.

Women, children and men are subjected to this modern-day slavery in every nation in the world. Please educate yourself, your family, neighbors and community about this evil. More information may be found on the Beverly LaHaye Institute’s homepage as well as links to other abolitionist groups.

Most importantly, please pray for the rescue and restoration of all victims.

Brenda Zurita is the Research Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute.

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