The Dichotomy of Girls’ Toys: Princesses or Prostitots

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Once upon a time, little girls bought toys that allowed them to use their imaginations and dream of good things to come in their futures. Yes, we are talking about princess toys. Princess costumes and toys are still very popular with little girls, but now they sit on the shelves beside the infamous Bratz dolls and soon the Black Canary Barbie, otherwise known as “Dominatrix Barbie.”

Princess toys and costumes encourage little girls to think that Prince Charming will ride into their life, sweep them off their feet, marry them and they will live happily ever after. In fact, this scenario repeats frequently in chick flicks geared towards women. Little girls who play princess can grow up into women who realize that Prince Charming falls in love with her because of her femininity, womanly traits and her belief that she can conquer the world with a good man’s support. That is empowerment, princess-style.

What worldview must a little girl employ while playing with Bratz dolls and Dominatrix Barbie? These types of toys and costumes reinforce several mistaken notions in girls and boys, including that no one wants to see beyond the sexual image being portrayed to find their intellect, sense of humor or other capabilities. Some teach that girls are sexual objects who dress and act solely to attract and please males. Others convey to girls that their only power in the world is using their bodies. The message is boys/men are not interested in what they have to say or what they think; they are just interested in their sex appeal. Others do not look feminine; the Bratz dolls merely look slutty. No one takes them seriously. Others, like the Dominatrix Barbie, convey the idea that girls must “rule,” even in the sexual arena. All these messages scream “exploitation.”

Girls, here is the lesson your parents should be teaching you. If you dress like a Bratz doll or try to emulate Dominatrix Barbie’s style, you are going to look like a prostitute in training – a prostitot – and you are going to attract pedophiles and boys who are only interested in getting into your thongs. (Actually, if you are dressing this way, the lesson your parents should be teaching you is that they are the adults, in control and will not allow you to wear those clothes because it is in your best interest. But that’s another article.)

Where might the future take the little girl who dreams she is a princess? In high school, you could picture her voted “most likely to succeed” or “best dressed.” What coveted title might go to the little girl whose parents dressed her as a prostitot when she was eight? She might achieve “most likely to be exploited” or “worst self-image.” The sexualization of children does not lead anywhere good, healthy or productive; it may, though, make them targets for child rape, child trafficking and child pornography.

When parents parade their tarted-up toddlers, tweens and teens in public, they make pedophiles very happy. Degenerates do not have to go online to see sexualized kids; they can just go to the local shopping mall or schoolyard.

Little girls used to play dress up in mommy’s closet and sport her heels around the house – and maybe a goofy hat and lipstick, applied with an adorable, child-like zeal. Now, their parents buy them heels, low-rise jeans, micro-minis and crop tops to wear to school. Their makeup usually looks like it was applied with a trowel in bad lighting.

When the sexualization of girls begins from the time they are born, how will they ever grow up to be strong, capable women who value their femininity and their abilities without relying solely on their sex appeal? It begins with parents who refuse to buy clothing and accessories designed to project adulthood on them (think high heel baby booties, onesies with raunchy messages emblazoned on them, etc.) and a cultural uprising that says “Enough!” Pretending to be a princess is not dangerous to their safety and well-being. Dressing as a prostitot is likely to be dangerous in every way.

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