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Consumer Reports (CR) just released its analysis of condom effectiveness and found Planned Parenthood is conning the public about condoms. CR evaluated 23 different kinds of latex condoms and two types of polyurethane condoms (marketed to latex-intolerant people). Planned Parenthood distributes the two worst-performing types of condoms (assorted colors and Honeydew), and its top-performing condom (Lollipop) ranked only 14th.

Thus, the organization that touts itself as the premier pregnancy prevention site actually distributes condoms that, at best, are ranked below the middle of those available and, at worst, are the least-effective possible.

In addition, Planned Parenthood, the organization that shouts the loudest in the public square about condoms being such a perfect contraception, is distributing condoms that provide the worst protection for vulnerable, sexually active teens who would be attracted to colored varieties and names like “Honeydew” or “Lollipop.”

In addition, the Consumer Reports evaluation contained information not readily available elsewhere. For instance, the spermicide condoms are no more effective than other types, have a shorter shelf life and can cause urinary tract infections in women. Further, an ingredient in some spermicides is Nonoxynol-9, a lubricant that the World Health Organization cited in 2001 as causing vaginal irritation and possibly increasing the risk of HIV when used frequently.

This poor performance comes when Planned Parenthood is vulnerable on other fronts as well. The success of abstinence programs is threatening the monopoly that PP and other abortion providers have had in getting millions of dollars to provide federally funded sex-education programs. Increasingly, the public is questioning comprehensive sex education, and the abortion industries that have become bloated conglomerates through taxpayer dollars.

Legislators, too, are questioning waste and lack of results from the “Beltway Bandits” who have mastered the red tape and embedded in the bureaucracy of the federal grants game.

The Consumer Reports findings surely will be further cause to question whether the giants of the liberal public policy organizations are serving the nation’s young people well.

Janice Shaw Crouse is senior fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, the think tank of Concerned Women for America.

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