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Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committees (CWALAC) new Spenditol ad is having a great impact all over the country.The ad highlights Washingtons out-of-control spending ways in a humorous way and asks people to call their elected officials and tell them to stop spending it all.

That simple message is apparently so offensive to Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) that his campaign has resorted to slandering Concerned Women for America (CWA) in an apparent effort to fundraise and do damage control.

Here is the recent email sent out by the Tester campaign:


The communication is full of inaccuracies.For example, we are not sure what part of the ad is making accusations about Jons record.But the most shameful part is that they defame CWAs name:

More than anything, I’m angry at [CWAs] nerve. I did some digging around, and here’s an interesting fact: this same special interest group attacking Jon right now also lobbied Congress against child pornography protection. If you ask me, thats something the women of Montana (and all of America, for that matter) should be concerned about.

This is an outrageous, slanderous statement!A simple Wikipedia search would have alerted Sen. Testers campaign that CWA endeavors to fight all pornography and obscenity, saving him from this embarrassing fundraising flap.And if his campaign staff had actually taken the time to go to our website, they would have found something like this:

Facts About Pornography Brochure

Protecting our Children from Porn

Children and Porn: Always a Bad Combination

Child Porn vs. Child Protection

Child Pornography: The Predators are Everywhere
Protect Children, Not Charlatans

Obscenity is NOT Protected Speech Brochure

Supreme Court Upholds Law Against Child Porn

CWA Helps Sponsor Briefing on the Harms of Pornography

Call YOUR Attorney General – Tell Him to Prosecute Illegal Pornography

Pornography is Addictive, Pervasive and Harmful

Do the Math: Pornography Harms

Pornography: Is it affecting your family?

CWA Joins Press Conference on Social Costs of Pornography

Pornography and Sex Trafficking: The Link

One Third of Children View Online Porn by Age 10

Porn Viewing in Public: Have You No Shame?

Hard-Core Pornography Isn’t Free Speech

Sex Trafficking & Pornography interview with Dr. Janice Crouse

Budgeting Wars: Part I

Budgeting Wars Part II: Feds Fail at Obscenity Enforcement

Flying High with Pornography

XXX: New Domain Spells Trouble for Parents & Kids

Child Porn Lands U.S. Army Private in Prison

New York City Libraries: Providing Education and Titillation

Pornography and Sex Trafficking

Pornography, Ivy League-Style

MTV Edits New Series, Skin Over Child Porn Worries Kindling Pedophilia?
New Resource in the Fight Against Pornography

University Hosts a Coarse Exchange

CWA Objects to Pornography Industry Getting .xxx Domain

Congress Told of Pornography’s Harms

Groundbreaking Research in the Fight Against Pornography

WRAP Week Seeks to Raise Awareness

White Ribbons Against Pornography (WRAP) Week

Supreme Court Hears Pornography Case During White Ribbons Against Pornography Week (WRAP)

Join the Fight to Stop Pornography in Your Community

The War on Illegal Porn

Speaking Out Against Pornography in Hotels

Testes sloppy and inaccurate fundraising gimmick might lure some into thinking this was done out of ignorance.But such a reckless disregard for truth and accuracy, suggest this attack on CWA was not merely a mistake, but a calculated effort to defame.Shame on them!

No question they owe CWA an apology.

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