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1. Is Prostitution legal in the United States?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Don’t Know
d. Don’t Care

2. If you answered “Yes,” where is it legal?
a. New York
b. Florida
c. Nevada
d. California

3. Choose the illegal activity: (you may choose more than one)
a. Selling sex
b. Buying sex
c. Selling someone else for sex
d. Selling a child for sex

4. Prostituted persons have been victims of which crimes: (you may choose more than one)
a. Beatings
b. Rapes
c. Torture
d. Murder

5. Is this statement true or false: Prostitution is a victimless crime
a. True
b. False
c. Don’t Know
d. Don’t wish to answer, as it will cloud my opinion

6. Prostitution is a viable work option for women because:
a. There are great career advancement opportunities
b. They receive love and respect from the people who buy them
c. Women enjoy having sex with 15-20 men per day
d. The pimps, traffickers and governments that legalize it all say it is

7. The person I most want to see embrace a “career” in prostitution is:
a. My Mother or Sister
b. My Wife
c. My Daughter
d. No one I know and love (or hate, for that matter)

8. Why do men buy sex from women? (If you don’t see a valid reason, skip to question 9)
a. They feel entitled to it
b. They are single and lonely or married and unhappy
c. Their wives/girlfriends won’t perform certain acts
d. Because it is available

9. If there was no demand for prostitution, would it exist?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Don’t Know
d. Isn’t it the world’s oldest “profession”?

10. In what nation has legalization made it safer for prostituted people, eliminated the criminal element involved and decreased sex trafficking?
a. Netherlands
b. Germany
c. Australia
d. Utopia

Let’s see how you did. Here are the answers with background information.

1 and 2. Prostitution is legal in only nine counties in Nevada. It is not legal in Las Vegas, so a lot of what happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but it was illegal at the time it occurred.

3. Yes, they are all illegal (except in the counties listed above, but even there selling a child is not legal). Interestingly enough, in Sweden a law was enacted in 1999 that makes it illegal to buy sex, not sell it. The results have been impressive. According to Swedish government estimates, in the last few years only 200-400 women and girls have been trafficked into Sweden each year, compared to 15,000-17,000 into Finland. Maybe it’s time the United States tries this strategy.

4. The answer here is all of the above and more. To round out the list, we can add bruises, broken bones, injuries to the head, mouth, vagina and anus, gang rape, mutilation, forced abortions, forced pregnancies, and drug and alcohol addiction.

5. False. The victims of prostitution include the prostituted persons, their families, the families of johns, our communities and the rest of society.

6. Okay, this was a trick question. The correct answer is that it is not now, nor has it ever been, a viable work option for women, girls, boys or men.

7. This is a tough one, isn’t it? If you were ambiguous about prostituted people before, does it help to personalize them? They are somebody’s wife, mother, sister, cousin, niece, and sometimes husband, father, brother or nephew. The life of a prostituted person is not one that should be wished on even your worst enemy.

8. There is no valid reason to buy someone else’s body to do with as you please for any period of time. Some men claim they have sexual needs that must be met, but they don’t want the whole “girlfriend” experience. So, logically, they just buy a woman’s orifices for a set time and problem solved. No harm, no foul, right fellas? The fact that the woman or girl you just used is probably a drug addict in need of a fix, a victim of child sexual abuse or a victim of sex trafficking (or all three) should not impede your desires.

9. Isn’t it interesting that prostitution in the United States, the selling and the buying of it, is illegal except in nine Nevada counties, but that the men buying the sex are rarely punished for their crime? In Police District 14 in Chicago, in 2002, 89 percent of the arrests were of prostituted persons. Only 10 percent of the johns were arrested. In Lansing, Michigan, in the mid-1990s for every three prostituted persons arrested, only one john was arrested. In Boston, Massachusetts, in 2003, 11 prostituted women were arrested for every john. Without a john willing to pay money for sex, pimps and traffickers would have no financial incentive to prostitute women and children. And as stated above, prostitution is not a viable work option for anyone, so calling it the “world’s oldest profession” shows an ignorance of the facts.

10. Even in Utopia, I doubt the legalization of prostitution would make it safe and crime free. In Amsterdam, the mayor and the police admit it has been a failure. Amsterdam has become a magnet for female trafficking and money laundering. The United Nations reports that Germany is a “very high” destination for trafficking victims. In Australia, the brothel industry is dominated by illegal operators who evade taxes. In these three cases, the governments tried to hone in on another pimp’s territory, and they have been shut out of the profits. Street pimps don’t share their earnings with other street pimps, so why the government pimps thought they could take a cut is a mystery.

If you would like more information on the harms of prostitution, please see the Sex Trafficking section of the Beverly LaHaye Institute’s website as well as the links page for excellent research resources.

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