CWALAC CEO and President Penny Nance hand delivers 26,447 “Stop the FCC” petitions to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai.


Authoring, circulating, and delivering petitions is a time-honored tradition, and we at Concerned Women for America are proud to continue this tradition in the digital age. As a member of our E-alerts system, you will be among the first to know when we launch a new campaign, and your voice will be heard! We petition Congress and others on a variety of concerns related to our seven core issues, so we’re sure you’ll find a petition you’d like to support.

For your convenience, we’ve placed our petitions in one easy list. You can view the full text of each petition by clicking on the petition name below and see if you’d like to add the weight of your voice to our mutual cause. Thanks in advance for standing with us for righteousness and freedom!

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Help Us Defund Planned Parenthood Now!

Oppose the Iran “Deal”! Protect America ▪ Protect Israel

Stand With Israel