Statement on the HHS “Contraception Mandate”

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Background: The Obama Administration has mandated that most health insurance plans fully cover all FDA-approved contraception (including abortifacients like ella and Plan B One-Step) and sterilizations. The mandate does include a very narrowly tailored religious exemption that offers all faith-based groups the span of one year to violate their deeply held moral and religious convictions and submit to this unjust policy.

CWA’s Statement: Requiring employers affiliated with the Christian faith, like Concerned Women for America, to include free abortion-inducing drugs in their health insurance plans is contrary to both Christian doctrine and constitutional guarantees of religious freedom. When religious groups are forced to deny their deeply held religious convictions, it is not called “balance”; it is called “tyranny.” Every American will be forced to undermine their moral and religious principles and subsidize what they believe to be morally repugnant. As much as President Obama would like us to believe this is a “women’s right’s issue,” this is really a religious freedom issue. President Obama has abused his executive power and overstepped the bounds of the Constitution.

President Obama’s blatant attempt to mislead Americans by announcing a “so-called compromise” clearly shows his intent to trample our religious liberties. The simple fact remains, nothing has changed.

We are deeply concerned about the dismantling of our Constitutional freedoms and the assault on Christian institutions in America. Concerned Women for America reminds the president that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Further, America’s social safety nets will not hold without the contributions of Christian institutions – many of them run by the Catholic Church – and that churches and religious institutions provide the strong moral threads of the nation’s social fabric.

While the Obama Administration is attempting to solve this problem with an inane compromise, their attempt will ultimately prove futile so long as the mandate is not repealed.

In the context of the HHS Mandate, we reaffirm the Manhattan Declaration, which we signed months ago, and we reiterate its concluding statement, “We will fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But, under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s.”

Penny Young Nance
Chief Executive Officer and President
Concerned Women for America

Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Senior Fellow
The Beverly LaHaye Institute
Concerned Women for America