State Director, Penny Morrell, Reminds Congresswoman Chellie Pingree To Cut Spending and Protect Life

By May 31, 2011Maine
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I am very appreciative of the consideration Congresswoman Chellie Pingree and her staff showed me as a constituent in her district. They arranged for me to meet Rep. Pingree after my working hours at her lovely Portland office on the waterfront on Friday, May 20. The Congresswoman was kind enough to work me into her busy schedule, as she was only halfway through her day with two more upcoming events that evening. When I arrived early, Ann Goodridge, Constituent Services Manager and Legislative Aide for Social Security, met with me and discussed the issues I wanted to share with the Congresswoman while awaiting her arrival.

Pingree1.JPGThe purpose of the visit was to remind Rep. Pingree that we have to cut spending and reform Medicare and Social Security so that we can keep the promises made to Americans to balance the budget and protect life. I left her with the 20-page Obamanomics document written by Dr. Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute (BLI) documenting the many ways our budget and way of life are being attacked. She assured me she and her staff would read it and carefully consider it as they move forward on these issues.

Congresswoman Pingree expressed her concern for the elderly in America and the healthcare they are entitled to that they can’t afford, and I mentioned that many doctors now aren’t taking Medicare patients because they can’t afford the small amounts of money they are compensated from the government for their services, which is making it difficult for the elderly to get the care they need and deserve. We both agreed that the current system isn’t working as it needs to and something needs to be done.

Rep. Pingree was very gracious, welcoming, and willing to listen to what I had to say and has left an open door for me to visit her in Washington, D.C. whenever I am in town.

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