Starbucks: A Habit Easily Broken

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By Meghan Kleppinger


It’s been two weeks since my last Starbucks coffee.

Admittedly, I am one of those who don’t think twice about dropping $4 for a cup of coffee that costs less than $.50 to make. I am a self-proclaimed coffee house junkie and need that wonderful yuppie, intellectual “atmosphere” and freshly brewed aroma as much as the caffeine.

When I moved to D.C. right out of college, I encountered my first Starbucks drink, or should I say “experience”? Growing up in a military family, I loved chain restaurants because of the sense of familiarity they offered in every new town we moved to. So, to be able to get the same type of specialty coffee grande, iced, skim, sugar-free vanilla, latte everywhere, was an addiction waiting to happen.

Fast forward four years, and about 800 lattes later I’m a Starbucks addict!

When a report came out earlier this year showing that none of Starbucks’ charitable contributions went to conservative causes, I didn’t blink — I bought a latte. When I walked by a liquor store in Northeast D.C. with a big advertisement for Starbucks liquor, I kept walking, stopped in at Starbucks and bought a latte! When I was at work a couple weeks ago, reading an e-alert from our California organization (yes, latte in hand), I finally had a wake-up call.

The alert described the annual “gay” pride events which are scheduled in San Diego each year:

San Diego’s annual “Pride” events include dangerous “circuit” parties, a parade with sexual content and sponsors along the route, including one advertising anal lubricants, a festival with sexually oriented venues.

OK, yes, that is all pretty disturbing, but daily, I read, write about and edit papers dealing with the homosexual agenda, so I was not at all shocked that this was going on. I was a little upset when I read that Starbucks was a sponsor. I took a sip of my latte as I read on:

In addition, the “festival” includes a “Youth Hangout Space” and a “Children’s Garden.” Not only is there concern about young people being part of sexually oriented events and venues, but two members of San Diego’s Gay Pride organization’s volunteer staff have been exposed as registered sex offenders who committed sex crimes against children.


Not only is Starbucks sponsoring “Pride” week, but an event that places innocent children in the middle of sexually explicit materials … and registered child molesters will be there running the show? If Starbucks is doing this knowingly, it is blatant irresponsibility, and if they are doing it unknowingly, it is irresponsible of them not to have done their homework. I started pacing back-and-forth, and all I could think was “Starbucks hates children.”

For the first time, I stepped away from my latte, faced my denial about this company and started to do some serious soul searching I needed to find out what they really supported. Fortunately, I didn’t have to search very long because I have the Internet at my fingertips and one of the nation’s top experts, Robert Knight, just down the hall from me.

Less than 30 minutes of research revealed the following:

Robert Knight told me that about 10 years ago, Starbucks started sponsoring these types of events, but backed off when conservatives started putting on the pressure. He explained that it is apparent they are slowly working their way back into the “gay” movement.

Starbucks is listed on the Planned Parenthood website under this introduction:

The following companies all generously match employee donations to Planned Parenthood Federation of America. If your employer is on this list, then you can make your gift go as much as twice as far.

Seattle, Wash., held “Gay Pride” events last month where, according to the newspaper, Seattle Post Intelligence Reporter:

About 75 Starbucks employees will march in the parade and will wear T-shirts in rainbow colors with the word “PRIDE” on the front … A van from the coffee company will follow them. On Capitol Hill tomorrow, Starbucks employees at the company’s three stores there will pass out samples of Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino.

The marketing director for Starbucks in Washington explained: “We’re committed to supporting things that matter to our employees and our customers.”

Several conservatives are upset already by Starbucks’ fairly new “The way I see it campaign,” which prints quotes from actors, artists, etc., on the outside of their paper cups. By visiting their website and reading some of the quotes, it’s easy to see why there has been this big brouhaha nearly all of them are liberal celebrities.

The list does go on, but in a nutshell Starbucks has a corporate policy of supporting the homosexual agenda by sponsoring “Pride” events all over the country — events where children will be exposed to sexually explicit materials and pedophiles as well as the extremely liberal and pro-abortion Planned Parenthood. This might be a good time to add that the owner of Starbucks made a large donation to a liberal candidate’s campaign.

So what do I do now?

I am not a big fan of boycotts. A friend once told me if we boycotted everything we disagreed with, we would be naked and hungry. I’ve also heard something like, “It doesn’t matter what’s on the cup, but what’s in it.” I love Starbucks coffee and as I worked through this problem, I wasn’t about to give up without a fight and I didn’t give up, but rather, I failed miserably.

I overestimated, but discovered that if I drink five grande lattes a week for a year, the total number of lattes would equal 260, coming to a total cost of $1,040. So, in my four post-college years, I could have contributed as much as $4,160 to a company that supports the volunteer work of child abusers, “Pride” events, abortionists, and do I really need to go on? Back to that marketing director’s quote: “We’re committed to supporting things that matter to our employees and our customers.” Um … HELLO, I am a customer, too!

As I was searching the Internet, I saw a link to a site with words no Christian girl should repeat. I didn’t have to enter to read this: “Folks, if Starbucks is ‘too liberal’ for you then don’t buy their @#$# percent*# coffee.”

Thanks for the tip! “Folks,” what you do is up to you, but as for me and my habit, I will no longer support Starbucks.

Yes, I started as a Starbucks coffee snob, but I am very open-minded now if you know any good coffee houses, please let me know!


Meghan Kleppinger is assistant to the national field director at Concerned Women for America.

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