Social Security Shocker: Men in Women’s Bathrooms?

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Ladies, imagine at your local Social Security office and have to use the restroom. While youre there, a transgender male (a gender-confused person who could be a transvestite, transsexual, or cross-dresser) decides to apply for a Social Security position. After asking for an employment form, he decides to go to the restroom.

Under new federal policies issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), both of you would be allowed to use the same bathroom. OPM recently added sexual orientation and gender identity non-discrimination wording to their employment policies for potential employees.

This scenario could happen at any federal government building, including federal courts. Visiting Washington, D.C., (or any other national park or museum) would certainly be a challenge due to this policy. Anyone could be a potential employee, therefore, any man would be allowed in any restroom in federal buildings. A man could simply say he is expressing his feminine side that day, and would be allowed in the restroom. Who could stop him?

Dont believe it could happen? Its already state law in a dozen states, as mentioned in our May/June Family Voice article, Vacation Surprise: Men Are Allowed in Ladies Restrooms.

Equally dangerous is the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), an Obama Administration major legislative goal that would grant civil rights protection to individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It would be enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If ENDA (H.R. 3017/S. 1584) is signed into law, the circumstances described above will be possible in any public restroom in the country. Religious exemptions may be allowed for churches; however, Christians who own day care businesses, bookstores, restaurants, etc., must follow the federal law. Christian businessmen will be forced to adjust their requirements of personal behavior, and dress codes could be a thing of the past. How could an employer demand one employee to dress appropriately, and yet allow a transgendered employee wear male clothes one day and female clothes the next?

ENDA could also open bathroom doors for predators throughout the nation. In a survey of bathroom attacks by this writer, the following headlines show the already harsh reality of attacks by men in womens bathrooms:

X Child molested in Homestead Winn-Dixie bathroom

X Attack in bathroom brings hospital security at MCG under fire

X Father of girl raped in Holland outlet mall bathroom is waiting for justice to be done

X Woman raped in department store bathroom

The Human Rights Campaign, the nations most radical homosexual rights group, estimates the numbers of transsexuals (persons undergoing sex change surgery) to range from 0.25 to 1 percent of the U. S. population. Bear in mind, however, that this is the same group that still pushes the discredited 10 percent figure for homosexuals in the general population.

As a nation, are we willing to extend politically correct protection to an infinitesimally small segment of the population X while endangering the safety of women and children?

Pray: that 1) eyes will be opened to the dangers of these laws; and 2) the Obama Administration will not include this bill in an executive order.

Praise: God for the protection He has shown us as a nation.

Action: Call your members of Congress and President Obama and tell them that you oppose the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity in any bill placed before Congress.

Donna Miller is an Issue Specialist with Concerned Women for America of North Carolina.

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