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She Prays She Votes Bus Tour 2022

CWA is on the road for our 12-state/40-stop She Prays She Votes 2022 GOTV bus tour. The bus tour will travel through key battleground states where we will hold GOTV voter turnout events, prayer events, and Facebook Live prayer/roundtable events.

Bus tour stops.

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Be a Poll Watcher

What is a Poll Watcher? A volunteer citizen appointed on behalf of a candidate, political party, or proponents or opponents of a ballot measure to observe the election process and report any problems.

Poll watchers may observe:

  • Early voting/election day polling place activities
  • Central counting station
  • Voter being assisted by an election official
  • Inspecting and securing of voting equipment
  • Delivery of election results
  • Canvassing of election results
  • Signature verification committee

Helpful links:

Be a Poll Worker

What is a Poll Worker? A paid citizen who works at a polling place on Election Day. Each county is responsible for recruiting, training, and paying poll workers.

Responsibilities and duties may include:

  • Sets up the polling place
  • Greets, verifies identification, and determines which ballot to issue
  • Assists voters, answers questions, and updates voter registrations
  • Ensures political activities are outside the polling place and meet legal requirements.

Helpful links:

Poll Worker Recruitment Lookup Tool – Useful lookup tool to find information on being a poll worker in your community, including requirements, hours, pay, training, and more. Links are provided so you can sign up directly with your state or local election office