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How You Can Help in the War Against Sex Trafficking CWA Applauds Congressional Resolution Urging Germany to Combat Sex Trafficking During the World Cup Games World Cup Brothels Lack Clients Zero Tolerance for Human Trafficking Prayer, the Ultimate Anti-Sex-Trafficking Program Crouse Says 2006 TIP Report is Disappointing Trafficking in Persons Report Disappointing Immigration and Sex Trafficking Germany’s Sex Shacks Tarnish the World Cup Pimpfants: A Clothing Line for the Innocent Made by the Depraved The Road to Perversion Is Paved With Pornography Part II: The Road to Perversion Is Paved With Pornography Part III: The Road to Perversion Is Paved With Pornography The Evil of Sex Trafficking Day and Night in Mexico: A World of Difference BLI in Mexico to Combat Sex Trafficking Crossing the Bridge Projects Make Amazing Progress Espousing Hatred and Thanking Jesus The Flip Side of Trafficking: Demand Mexican Agencies Join to Fight Sex Trafficking Mexico’s ‘House on the Rock’ Fights Sex Trafficking Mexico’s ‘Children’s Foundation’ Fights Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children President Bush Signs Anti-Trafficking Bill CWA’s Crouse Praises End Demand Legislation Against Sex Slavery Prostitution is Not a Profession Protesting the Pimps’ Party A Pimp’s Take on Sexual Intimacy A ‘Marie Claire’ Puts a Positive Spin on Prostitution BLI Unites Mexico and the U.S. to Fight Sex Trafficking Child Pornography: Innocence Exploited BLI Addresses Mexican Leaders on Family Breakdown Christians Shine the Light on Sex Trafficking Fighting for Freedom Congress Considers New Bill to Fight Demand for Sex Trafficking Passion vs. Apathy Trafficking in Sex: Turning the American Dream into a Nightmare Are traffickers exploiting the tsunami? The Horrifying Reality of Sex Trafficking Ending Modern Day Slavery Some Solutions to Sex Trafficking Justice Department Reports on U.S. Sex Trafficking The Sex Fields of San Diego White House Gathers Rescued Children for Rose Garden Ceremony The Scourge of Sex Trafficking Are Women More Vulnerable to Violence? Inequality in Housework = Violence Against Women? U.N. Delegates: Let’s Talk about Porn Battling It Out at the U.N. International Women’s Day 2003 Legalizing Prostitution at the U.N. The 2002 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report Sex Tourism Binds Nations in Appalling Alliance The United Nations Debates Prostitution The Depravity of Modern Slave Traders Head of U.S. Sex Trafficking Office Praises Faith-Based NGOs World Vision Joins to Protect Children from ‘Child Sex Tourits’ Offering Hope to the Hopeless Prostitution Illegal Under Pending UCMJ Changes Shutting Down the Feminists Sacrificing for the Enslaved CWA Receives Federal Grant to Battle Sex Trafficking CWA of Georgia: The Fight Against Sex Trafficking Trafficking in Persons Report Released

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