Senate to rush START treaty ratification with little debate

By December 20, 2010LAC Hot Topics/Alerts
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Dear Friends,

As the Senate gets ready to reach the finish line this Christmas, Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) had seen fit to start the START Treaty. This is a strategic nuclear arms limitation treaty between the United States and Russia that could seriously undermine our national security.

Instead of taking the time to fully understand the ramifications of this treaty, the Senate is rushing this decision so that they can “finish” their legislative session. With our national security hanging in the balance, the Senate should not abdicate its responsibilities and should fully debate this treaty. The Senate should not simply be a rubberstamp for the Obama Administration.

Please call the following Senators right now and ask them to oppose the cloture vote Tuesday and the Treaty’s ratification:

Olympia Snowe – 202-224-4254
Scott Brown – 202-224-4543
John McCain – 202-224-2235
Bob Corker – 202-224-3344
Lamar Alexander – 202-224-4944
Johnny Isakson – 202-224-3643
Thad Cochran – 202-224-5054
Lisa Murkowski – 202-224-6665
Bob Bennett – 202-224-5444
Judd Gregg – 202-224-3324

Penny Nance
Chief Executive Officer

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