Help keep our children safe in their school bathrooms!

Can you imagine your 8-year-old daughter sharing a restroom with any 12-year-old boy who wants to come into the restroom? Or even worse your 13-year-old granddaughter sharing changing space with a 15-year-old boy before gym class?

Sign this petition right now, and tell President Obama that we will not stand for his politically motivated order – that we will protect our children!

President Obama,

I believe you overstepped the bounds of presidential authority by issuing legislation in the guise of an executive order.

Requiring all public school restrooms and private areas to become gender-neutral will place our children in grave danger. You are also risking our children’s future by threatening to take away federal funds from our public schools that are already financially strapped.

President Obama, repeal your order now or face millions of American voters who will stand up and fight for the sake of our children and grandchildren. They should not have to be afraid in school – a place that should be safe.

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