“Over the past decade, Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse and the Beverly LaHaye Institute (BLI) have played a significant role in improving the well-being of women around the world while providing a strong and uncompromising voice for religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and the family.”

Alan E. Sears
President, CEO & General Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

“From the international venue at the United Nations to the White House, state house and city hall, the work produced by the BLI has changed public policy and proven to be the winning margin in many pro-family battles.”

Phil Burress
President, Citizens for Community Values

“BLI’s work on human trafficking brought attention to an unbelievable world that few knew existed.  It was/is an incredibly important work that saves real lives and helped stop a horrible immorality and injustice.  God bless BLI.”

Kelly Shackelford
Chief Counsel, Liberty Legal Institute

“Your steadfast defense of our durable values and permanent principles have made it harder for the less principled to capitulate to barbarism.  While turbulent maelstroms swirl around the foundations of our culture I rest easier knowing that BLI and its dedicated staff and friends are on watch.”

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
President, The American Alliance of Jews and Christians

“[Dr. Crouse’s] research and publications have given the Institute focus and international credibility. [She has] tackled some of the most important and most difficult issues of our day such as marriage, sex-trafficking and the family. I am always blessed when I see [her] on television, because I know that [she] will represent the truth with intelligence, grace and vigor.”

Ted Baehr
Publisher, Movieguide; Producer, Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry; President, Christian Film and Television Commission

“Dr. Janice is a gift to the pro-family movement. In her writings, she convicts and yet liberates at the same time. She instructs her audience and inspires while encouraging a nation. She has inspired me.”

Leslee Unruh
President and Founder of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse

“Janice is a tireless and forceful proponent for a comprehensive Christian worldview.  She is a joyful warrior who does not despair or shy away from the battlefield of ideas and public policy.”

Mark D. Tooley
President, Institute on Religion and Democracy and Executive Director, United Methodist Action

“Dr. Janice Crouse is principled, savvy and effective in everything she does.  At BLI, she’s at the forefront of the fight, domestically and internationally, to preserve traditional marriage and protect women and children.”

Morton Blackwell
President, The Leadership Institute

BLI_ChildrenatRiskCoverPraise for Children at Risk: The Precarious State of Children’s Well-Being in America (Transaction Publishers, 2009)

“Janice Shaw Crouse’s Children at Risk mobilizes a mass of research to show that public policy efforts to sustain families without fatherhood and marriage have failed, with children left as the victims. Highly readable and compelling, this book pays particular attention to children’s need for a moral dimension in their lives. Children at Risk should be required reading for child development specialists, children’s advocates, and policymakers at the state and federal levels.”

Allan Carlson
The Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society

“In Washington, D.C., Dr. Janice Crouse has long been considered an expert on family preservation. She knows the fierce challenges facing our children today and what must be done to protect not only their present but to guide their future. From the need to defend and promote marriage to the mandate for a solid and well-grounded education, Dr. Crouse truly does know what is in the best interest of the child. Moving children from a place where they are at risk to a place where they can thrive is not just a good idea it is THE mandate for the 21st century!”

Janet Parshall
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host

“Janice Crouse has captured in a compelling way the urgent need in our culture to more effectively protect and nurture our children. Having spent the past twenty-five years counseling pregnant women who bear the wounds of a society often deaf to the dignity of human life, Ms. Course offers hope for parents seeking a safe haven for their children. Having ‘broken through the glass ceiling’ in the eighties and left Wall Street behind to raise a family and home school two children, I am reminded from a personal perspective that the message of Children at Risk could not be more timely or important.”

Mary Cunningham Agee
President and Founder, The Nurturing Network

“Everyone claims to care deeply about the well-being of children. But what would we, as a nation and as a society, do if we really cared? … In Children at Risk, her passionate and scholarly new book, Janice Shaw Crouse does our nation’s children a great service by grabbing the rest of us by the lapels and forcing us to confront those questions.”

Robert P. George
Princeton University

“‘Children are the future.’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that statement. Yes, it is true, but very few of us believe it enough to really get serious and be proactive with our time and money to make a real difference. Children at Risk accurately makes the case for getting involved. This book will cause you to see children in a different light … a great opportunity to act and save a kid; or if we do not act, we all will suffer, especially a very precious child. …”

Stuart W. Epperson
Christian Association of Youth Mentoring

“Dr. Crouse reveals numerous risks that children face, but unlike most researchers, believes that the solution comes from informed moms and dads — not the government.”

Michael P. Farris
Chairman, Home School Legal Defense Association, and President,

“Crouse presents an argument that children are at risk in various areas due to what she views as a moral breakdown in society.” [She] compiles data from statistical sources and media outlets to make the argument that children’s well-being is linked to changes in family composition … She perceives factors in family breakdown to be the decline of marriage, rising divorce rates, and the poverty of female-headed households, and she links these social trends to the erosion of the quality of community life for children. Recommended.”

D.S. Pierson

BLI_MarriageMattersCoverPraise for Marriage Matters: Perspectives on the Private and Public Importance of Marriage (Transaction Publishers, 2012)

“Dr. Crouse has provided a must-read, fact-driven contribution to our understanding of the importance of marriage for the individual, the family, and society. It’s all here, laid out clearly and convincingly.”

Barrett Duke
Vice President for Public Policy and Research, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

“Janice Crouse understands the direct connection between marriage and family and a free society. She also understands the deeper meanings of marriage and family which, in turn, define our human existence. In a day and age of unrepentant selfishness labeled ‘individual freedom,’ her worthy book, Marriage Matters, is a shining example of the best authentic conservatism has to offer today.”

Paul T. Mero
Sutherland Institute

“Janice Crouse is brilliant and fascinating. Her research, writing, and presentations are excellent.”

Ted Baehr
Publisher, Movieguide; Producer, Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala & Report to the Entertainment Industry; President, Christian Film and Television Commission

“Marriage Matters is a wonderful weaving of how the private and the public, the intimate, and the commons are interdependent. The first chapters are a magnificent overview of the state of America’s families with all the public consequences, while the later chapters provide a natural pathway deep into the love that makes life (and society) work. Janice Crouse is a wonderful writer and one of the most informed scholars on the family. It is a great handbook for this national debate and, despite its complexity, is an easy read, for Crouse is a great practitioner of the rhetorical arts. Every family needs a copy.”

Patrick F. Fagan
Senior Fellow and Director, Marriage & Religion Research Institute